5 relaxing bedtime rituals for adults

5 relaxing bedtime rituals for adults

Leave behind the stresses of everyday life with our relaxing bedtime rituals for adults. Reset your sleep patterns and wake up refreshed.

Be it work deadlines, scary news headlines, or turbulent family relationships, the stresses of modern life can leave us struggling to switch off at night. Quality sleep is key to staying healthy and resilient, and keeping on top of all the ups and downs modern life throws.

Here at Hammonds we know how important a sleep setting is. So, to help you get a rested night, we’ve put together a series of bedtime rituals for adults to help you relax and unwind.

Get outside in the evening

From jumping straight in the car for the daily commute, to sitting at our desks all day. Choosing a spin class over a cycle ride, and spending the evening watching the latest boxset, our modern lives mean that we spend the majority of time indoors.

And yet being outside in nature for just 10 minutes a day can have huge benefits for our mental and physical wellbeing. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a day at the seaside? Or even after a long walk in the country? That’s because being surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature has a calming effect on your nervous system – especially your fight or flight hormones.

After work, take a walk or run around the nearest park, or perhaps enjoy some relaxing yoga in the garden. If it’s warm enough, why not eat your evening meal outside? You’ll immediately notice how much better you feel, and that relaxed feeling will stay with you throughout your bedtime routine.

Swap screen time for reading time

Switch off your devices at least two hours before bedtime and help your mind relax. We all know that staring at screens all day has a negative effect on our sleep cycles, so to get yourself back in sync it’s important to have some downtime.

Yes, some of the best TV is on after 9pm, but why not record your favourite shows and watch them earlier the following day, or perhaps leave them for a weekend binge? Switching your remote for a book before bedtime can help induce drowsiness.

Whilst fiction books can transport our minds to a faraway place, crossword puzzles distract us from our everyday thoughts and worries that normally dominate our life.

Do a ‘brain-dump’

If your to-do list is racing through your mind at night, make it a habit to write down all the leftover bits from the day to eliminate the worry of fretting. Make it something you look forward to doing just before bed, perhaps by investing in a beautiful leather-bound journal and nice pen.

You can even write a to-do list for the next day to help you feel like you’ve got a head start. Knowing what you want to wear the following day will help, and having an organised wardrobe will ensure you can easily grab what you need.

Consider what you’re thankful for

It’s easy to dwell on the lowlights and ignore the highs – especially when you’re feeling drained. But set aside some time each night to reflect on the day and what you’ve achieved. Why not do it after your ‘brain-dump’ when you’re feeling a bit more relaxed and in control?

The list doesn’t have to be exhaustive. Even just writing about three things you’re grateful for will help. And the long-term benefits have shown it can actually help rewire your brain to operate in a calmer and happier way.

Set aside time for self-care

Personal wellbeing can take many forms, from skincare rituals to painting your nails, enjoying your favourite podcast to sipping wine in a bubble bath. Whatever it is that you consider to be good for your wellbeing, carve out some you-time. This can be anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. And remember, whatever it is, you shouldn’t feel guilty, or see it as a waste of time. Your wellbeing should be your number-one priority. After all, no one can give if they have nothing to give.

After a few weeks, these relaxing bedtime rituals will soon become a habit like brushing your teeth. You’ll notice that when your life feels less cluttered you’ll be able to sleep better. If you would like to know how we can help create a less cluttered and well-organised sleep space, why not book a free design visit today?

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