5 things causing clutter in your bedroom

Want to clear the clutter in your room? Our latest blog identifies the clutter culprits and provides tips on how to make your room more organised.

5 things that are cluttering up your bedroom

Have you been dreaming of going to sleep every night and waking up every morning in a clean, clutter-free space? If you’d like a restful, tranquil bedroom that you can spend lots of time relaxing in, it’s essential that you say goodbye to all the things that are causing chaos in there.

Your bedroom should be a calm haven of peace and rest. However, many of us are guilty of allowing our clothes, books and cosmetics to build up over time. Cluttered rooms can play havoc with our sleeping patterns though, and often cause stress.

Benefit from a peaceful environment in your bedroom by saying goodbye to these clutter culprits.

Your favourite tech equipment

As much as you might love turning on your iPad or TV at night or playing on your phone just after getting into bed, you should try to keep your bedroom a screen-free zone. These pieces of equipment emit blue light and could therefore end up keeping you awake for longer when you’re trying to get to sleep. Phones, TVs, tablets and laptops are mainly used for work or fun, so keep these items in the areas that they are supposed to be used in.

Junk below the bed

While it can be very tempting to leave various items under the bed, this area can easily get cluttered, and then affect your ability to rest. If you’re lacking storage space in your bedroom – or other rooms in the house – why not consider investing in some smart storage solutions? Corner wardrobes, cupboards with soft-close interior doors, over-bed storage, hanging rails, cosmetic units and jewellery trays are just some of the stylish yet efficient bedroom storage options that you can choose from. They have been designed to organise even the most extreme hoarders – so they’re particularly perfect for the people who don’t know where to put the things they normally store under the bed!


Work or life admin should never be kept in the bedroom. If you know that you have got important paperwork by the side of the bed, on the floor, or on your dressing table, it won’t help you to feel calm at night. Store your paperwork safely in filing trays, drawers or cabinets downstairs or in a home office. That way, you’ll know exactly where all your documents are when you come to look for something.

Piles of clothes

Although it’s tempting to, try not to leave piles of clothes – dirty or clean – on armchairs or on the floor. Clear your clutter and pop your dirty clothes in the washing basket, put clean items away, hang up your dresses or suits in your wardrobe and get organised by picking your outfits for the week in advance.


Are you a keen reader? If so, you may have quite a few finished books hanging around in your bedroom. Instead of letting them collect dust there, store them in a wardrobe ready to be donated to a friend or a charity shop, or pop them on a bookcase in another part of the house to display them. If there are a couple of books that you like to come back to every so often before falling asleep, they can be tucked away nicely in a bedside cabinet.

If you’re looking to clear the clutter in your room, we can help. We have over 90 years’ experience in creating incredible bedrooms and know exactly what storage solutions you need to make it a calm space. Book a free design visit today and we can talk you through your options for creating your dream room.

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