Bedroom design trends to watch out for in 2024


2024 is the perfect year for new beginnings, so why not apply this idea to your décor? We've already seen some inspiring trends emerge already and we're set to see some new exciting bedroom design trends that are sure to inspire you.

If you’re ready to refresh the space, here are trending bedroom colours and looks that are sure to bring your home furnishings right up to date.


Old and new

Contrasts are key in 2024, and one way to tap into this trend is to mix and match vintage designs with contemporary looks. You might already have some retro pieces or you may wish to go in search of furniture from previous decades. Head to your local vintage fair or flea market to see what treasures match your aesthetic.

From there, you can blend these standout pieces from the past with modern additions. You might want to tap into the latest bedroom trend for dark wallpaper or incorporate some statement pieces to bring together the past and present.  


Botanical prints

The focus on bringing the natural world into our homes is set to deepen in 2024. This is known as biophilic design, which aims to create aesthetically pleasing indoor spaces by introducing natural elements. You can tap into this trend by choosing botanical patterns for your bedding or on the walls in your bedroom, adding splashes of green in the leaves of flowers and trees around the space.

Take this trend to the next level by incorporating biophilic textures and materials. Introduce plants to your bedroom and invest in sustainable materials such as wood and stone to fully embrace this look.


Statement pieces

Bigger is better across the board in 2024. The runways at the spring/summer fashion shows were filled with oversized creations – something that will carry over to home interiors too. Making a statement with a large vintage mirror, a huge headboard, or a floor-spanning rug can be a striking addition to the space, drawing the eye and bringing the rest of your décor together.

Take the time to plan out what you'd like to make the focal point of the room. If it's a relatively small bedroom, a larger piece can create the illusion of space, while bigger bedrooms can benefit from having an attention-grabbing piece in place to make it easier to take in the overall aesthetic.


Classic luxury

Luxe elements can enhance the room and add a touch of sophistication. You might want to tap into the yellow gold trend, adding a shimmering hue to make the space seem sparkling. Alternatively, dark brass and bronze tones create a chic finish. If you don't want to go all out, why not incorporate some ceramics that have a splash of gold or opt for a metallic lighting design?

As well as integrating the Midas touch, you can update the space by reimagining your storage. A bespoke walk-in wardrobe can be tailored to suit the room and designed in a way that meets your requirements, adding a luxe space to your bedroom.


Dark wallpaper

Wallpaper is an enduring trend, but 2024 will see this interiors staple step into the spotlight. This is an easy way to shrug off the muted greys we've seen in recent years and inject some personality into the space.

As your bedroom is your sanctuary where you can unwind, the trend for dark wallpaper is perfect here. Deep blues and forest greens are soothing choices that can make you feel cosy.


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