Bring good Feng Shui to your home office with these design ideas


According to the principles of Feng Shui, your surroundings affect your health, success and happiness, so it's worth turning your home into a space that supports your ambitions. Utilising this style in rooms like your home office is a great idea for giving your working life a positive boost and may help your creative juices flow throughout the week.

So, whether you’re designing a new home office or revitalising an existing space, focusing on good Feng Shui can optimise your productivity and refresh the energy in your home. This article will expand on some Feng Shui tips for designing a home office, so you can transform your space into a stylish haven for hard work and positive energy.  

What do we mean by Feng Shui?  

Coming from the Chinese words meaning wind and water, this concept strives to create a balance with the natural world and harness the environment’s energy by arranging furniture.

By using the Bagua map, you can bring harmony to your home and invite good intentions into your life. Plus, Feng Shui adds a stylistic edge to rooms around your home and the office is a great place to test out the design.

Position your desk opposite the door

One of the big rules of Feng Shui is positioning your desk opposite the entryway to invite in fresh ideas, success and new opportunities. This is often known as the power position  and it's the foundation of a well-put-together office.

Now you'll have a desk where your creativity can surge, ideal for those in creative roles such as marketing or design. Once you've found this commanding position, you can build around it and create a room that increases your productivity levels.

Create a good flow

This is important in Feng Shui as positive energy should flow seamlessly around the room, so you need to pay attention to the layout of your office. Not only will this help with the design of the room, but it may also help you work better by improving your focus and positive mindset.

Think about whether you have enough room to move around your desk or if your space is cluttered and messy as this can increase your stress and decrease productivity.

One of the best ways to ensure your Feng Shui layout has good flow is to add fitted home office storage, so you can keep unneeded items out of sight and out of mind. This should mean the flow of the room isn't hindered by clutter you're not using.

Pick a supportive chair 

Working nine-to-five may mean long hours sitting at your desk, so you'll need to know how to pick a suitable chair. For the Feng Shui design, a chair with a high back is essential as it's believed these seats provide support and protection .

Choosing a supportive chair works physically by providing ergonomic support and subconsciously in terms of Feng Shui by bringing calm to the space and maintain a productive and engaged vibe throughout your workday.

Bring in foliage 

Plants and foliage can bring positive energy to your space, brighten it up and boost your productivity. These plants represent the wood element of Feng Shui, promoting flexibility, healing and growth, which are qualities you should focus on in your personal and work life.

Add plants like bamboo, peace lilies or golden pothos to add a new lease of life to your office and enhance your Feng Shui design further.

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