Can you guess the celebrity from their home office?

Can you guess the celebrity from their home office?

Many of us have been working from home, and we’ve been making do with kitchen tables, spare bedrooms and couches as our new office environments.  

But we’re not the only ones adapting to home working – many celebs had to swap the red carpet for Zoom calls too, with several A-listers giving us a glimpse of their lavish dwellings and enviable home offices

With this in mind, we have created a series of celebrity home office brainteasers; imagining how seven well-known names have set themselves up for working from home.  

With clues like awards, clothing, decorations, and trophies - can you guess who each home office belongs to? 

It takes the average person 67 seconds to guess all seven correctly. Can you do better? 

Number 1 

It looks like this person does a lot of work! She may be the only girl in the world who works this hard and deserves to take a bow.  

Number 2 

This person is a shining example of someone – perhaps a writer – who really has “IT”. Maybe they’ve been working in misery during lockdown, but can you guess who it could be? 

Number 3 

With three Primetime Emmys on show and a range of different make up and wigs to try, this seems like a nice home office to drag yourself into each morning. Or is it more of a work room? No shade, Sis!   

Number 4 

He might have made his name in front of the yellow wall, but this guy looks much better in red. A king amongst mensch, his home office is filled to the brim with silverware. 

Number 5 

The owner of this office has been rewarded for her work in Hollywood, as well as her charitable endeavours - is there anything she can’t do?! In fact, you could say she is magnificent. Wait, that’s close, but it doesn’t sound quite right…


Number 6 

Full of sugar, spice and everything nice, this must be one of the poshest home offices you’ll ever see.  

Number 7

Ah, this an office in which you can ponder the big questions. Will artificial intelligence truly reach the mainstream? Is there life on Mars? And, most importantly, can a child’s name REALLY include a number?!

And the answers are…. 


Stephen King 

Ru Paul  

Jürgen Klopp  

Angelina Jolie Ru Paul 

Victoria Beckham 

Elon Musk 

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