Celebrating Father’s Day


This Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation for fathers by making his day extra special—whether you’re spending Father’s Day together or apart.


While we usually celebrate the day of dads by sending cards or spending time with our fathers, across the world Father’s Day can look quite different! In Brazil, Father’s Day, or Dia dos Pais, is celebrated on the day of St. Joachim (the patron saint of fathers) on the second Sunday in August. This Father’s Day is typically celebrated with barbecues, prepared meals, and the city-wide race in Mexico’s Bosque de Tlalpan.


In Thailand, Father’s Day coincides with King Bhumibol Adulyade’s birthday on the 5th December as the king is considered to be the ‘Father of the Nation’. Everyone wears yellow on this day and children present their fathers with a Canna flower.


We caught up with professional dancer James Jordan to hear about his experiences as a dad, and what advice he’d recommend to new parents.



  • When did you become a father?  


I became a dad on the 27th February 2020, so my daughter is four now. 


  • What do you enjoy most about being a dad?


We have a really strong bond, our father daughter bond is my favourite thing. I love that she absolutely adores me and looks up to me, as I remember having that same feeling with my own dad growing up. 


  • So far, what lessons has fatherhood taught you?


Patience! You can’t be selfish either because of the little person you look after now, they have to come first and be your priority. The most important thing you can do is trying to do your best by your child, everything else is secondary. 


  • How do you usually celebrate Father’s Day, and how will you be celebrating this year? 


Normally I wake up and Ella will be there with Ola to open gifts… but usually Ella opens mine for me! We’ll spend the day as a nod to Father’s Day but the priority is having time together as a family so we’ll typically go for dinner. 


  • What’s your best advice for new dads?


I was very stressful about everything when Ella was born, always worrying about am I doing the right thing? If I could do it again, I would definitely try to be more relaxed about everything and to not get as stressed. As long as you love them and give them your time, they’ll be happy. All your child wants is your time. 


How will you be celebrating Father’s Day this Sunday? We hope you’re having a relaxing day however you’re planning on spending time with your dad. Happy Father’s Day!


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