Celebrating Mother's Day: A Reflection on Motherhood and Balancing Life


Celebrating Mother's Day: A Reflection on Motherhood and Balancing Life


As Mother's Day approaches this Sunday, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the incredible journey of motherhood. From the late-night feedings to the first steps, to school runs and waving you off as you leave the nest, mothers play an integral role in shaping family life. It's a journey that teaches the true meaning of selflessness, patience, and unconditional love. And the lessons learned from motherhood extend beyond the home, influencing the way we approach relationships, challenges, and the world around us.


Across the globe, Mother’s Day is celebrated in many different ways. While in the UK we might take our mum out for a cosy lunch and gift her a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers, elsewhere in the world, Mother’s Day might look slightly different… for example, did you know in France it’s a custom to gift your mother a flower-shaped cake? And in India, they celebrate with a 10-day festival called Durga Puja—which dates back to the 16th century!


This year, we've had the privilege of sitting down with professional dancer Ola Jordan for a Mother’s Day chat about her experiences as a mother.


  • When did you become a mum? 


4 years ago in February 2020. A little girl called Ella.


  • So far, what is the best lesson you have learned from mother/parenthood? 


Patience. You have to be really patient when you have a baby, it can be really testing.


  • How do you find balance between mother/parenthood and finding time for yourself?


Pretty much impossible. When you’re younger and don’t have children, you think you don’t have time, but when you become a mum you really don’t have time. You wonder in your head what you did before you had children, you had all the time in the world to go to the gym etc. It’s so hard balancing, but you learn as you go. You get accustomed to navigating it. 


  • How do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day, and how will you be celebrating this year? 


Just going for lunch and enjoying a chilled day.


  • What’s the best memory you have with your own mother/someone you really admired when you were growing up?


My mum is the best. But obviously everyone’s mum is the best. I’m very lucky to have the mum that I have, but my mum lives in Poland so it’s hard to not have her around. It was hard to not have her around while I have Ella, and as Ella was born in lockdown, she was 18 months before my mum saw her. It can be hard to be a new mum and not having a mum around. She’s still here though and comes over as much as possible.


  • What’s your best advice for new mothers?


Enjoy your time with your little baby. You hear it all the time to enjoy every minute and it goes so fast. Ella just turned 4 and she’s like a little lady now. Try not to wish for your time to go faster. Enjoy the sleepless nights!


Mother's Day is a special occasion to honour and express gratitude to the women who have shaped our lives. Whether through a simple gesture, heartfelt words, or a meaningful gift, the day is an opportunity to celebrate the strength, love, and resilience of mothers.


How will you be celebrating this Sunday? Whether, like Ola, you’ll be having a relaxed lunch with your nearest and dearest, or if you’re spending the day pampering yourself—take a well-deserved break. Happy Mother's Day!

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