‘Cluttercore’: what is it and how can you incorporate it successfully into your bedroom design?

‘Cluttercore’: what is it and how can you incorporate it successfully into your bedroom design?

A new trend that celebrates organised chaos and maximalist bedroom design principles, cluttercore is taking the interior design world by storm. Propelled into the spotlight by social media, this homely interior trend is set to be major in 2022.

To help you decide whether cluttercore is for you, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the new craze.

What is cluttercore?

If you find yourself wondering what cluttercore actually is, you’re not alone. A relatively new concept in the interior design scene, cluttercore originated on TikTok as a social media trend and has become a way to describe interior designs that invoke happiness.

A spin-off from the popular “cottagecore” trend, cluttercore advocates for homely interiors that cocoon us in happy moments and bring us endless joy. Cluttercore encourages us to find objects that spark joy and use them to create a scheme that’s full of sentimental memories.

Trinkets and souvenirs are carefully arranged on display to be highlighted and not hidden away in cupboards: cluttercore is organised chaos at its finest.  

How to incorporate cluttercore as part of a maximalist bedroom scheme

Add lighting

Cosiness is an intrinsic part of cluttercore, so it’s important that you get the lighting right if you’re going to nail the cluttercore trend. As well as carefully selecting your blankets, throws and jute baskets, take the time to consider your choice of lighting. Think fairy lights, mood lighting and candles to provide a cosy yet kitsch feel to your bedroom.

If you’re feeling daring, why not opt for a fairy light curtain to help draw attention to your trinkets and souvenirs?

Inject personality with wall art and photos

Cluttercore is all about displaying sentimental items that invoke happy memories. What better way to do this than by displaying your favourite snaps from good times with your nearest and dearest?

Wall art help you recreate the kitsch feel to your bedroom: by filling your walls with carefully framed photographs, prints and tapestries from your travels, you’ll be able to relax, unwind and enjoy your eclectic haven.

Add texture for a bold, maximalist bedroom

Print, patterns, and texture are essential for creating a cluttercore scheme that works. Using clashing styles, bold prints and what can only be described as an unusual colour palette, you can create a bold yet harmonious scheme that works.

For cluttercore schemes that are a little less “out there,” pare back your clashing patterns and go all-out with texture instead. By choosing jute rugs, sheepskin throws and knitted blankets, you can recreate the maximalist bedroom look whilst still creating a calming interior scheme.

Invest in a dressing table

To fully embrace the cluttercore trend, you’ll need ample locations to display your trinkets. Rather than haphazardly throwing your clutter onto shelves, think about adding a statement dressing table.

Either go vintage or mix old and new by investing in a dressing table from the matching bedroom furniture range. That way, you’ll have plenty of space to lovingly arrange your jewellery, trinkets and ornaments while retaining coordination and preventing untidiness.

Bring your bedroom to life with indoor plants

No ode to cluttercore would be complete without a mention of indoor plants. Central to the design are green plants and foliage, all lined up lovingly on shelves or furniture. Either trail your plants from shelves (string of pearls are ideal for this), hang them artfully from the ceiling or line them up on your windowsill for maximum impact.

If you’re not so green-fingered, make sure to choose easy-care houseplants that won’t wilt if you forget to water them for a week or two. If you really can’t be trusted, artificial plants work just as well when creating a cosy bedroom.

Nail the cluttercore trend with Hammonds

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If you’re unsure how to design a maximalist bedroom like those favoured in cluttercore schemes, book a design visit with us. Our team of experts will help you design a bedroom that’s as unique as you are.  

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