Country style bedroom ideas

Country style bedroom ideas

Country-inspired interior design is a timeless and classic choice. Whether you live in a rural home or want to recreate the look for the master bedroom in your urban townhouse, there are many rustic country bedroom ideas that can be easily adopted into most settings.  

Here we take a dive into all the essential elements you need to consider when creating your perfect country-style bedroom.

What is the rustic country style?

Versatile, relaxed and welcoming, the country interior design concept pays tribute to a simple rural life. The style has many variations, from French country house to English farmhouse, making it easily adaptable to your tastes and property type.  

The main features of a country style interior include natural appeal, using faded and weathered woods and metals, as well as the application of earthy, warm tones that provide a calm and cosy atmosphere.

Make a feature of wood

Wood is a huge feature in the creation of a country style bedroom. The chosen wood can be a natural brown colour or painted white for more of a French country feel.

From flooring to wall panelling and four poster beds, country bedrooms often feature various shades and types of wood mixed together to give an antique shabby chic appearance.

Consider wood on smaller pieces of furniture too. For example, mirrors, photo frames, wooden bowls and lamp bases truly complete the look.

Opt for pastels and earthy tones

Traditional country bedrooms are snug and inviting, so when it comes to colourways, you should consider a palette of warming pastel tones such as terracotta, rose and sage. Not only do these colours provide a traditional, inviting charm, but they will also complement the shades of wood in the room too.

For a more modern country look, choose light and airy colours to help the space feel contemporary. Use whitewashed wood and brushed floorboards to blend effortlessly with your country-style soft furnishings. Consider keeping the walls muted with paler shades of your colour scheme so that you don’t darken the room, but then bring in pops of darker shades with the carpets, curtains, blinds and bedding.

Make it cosy

When it comes to soft furnishings, the goal is to make your country-style bedroom as cosy as possible. Add depth to floors with thick, shaggy rugs and add warmth to windows with heavy textured curtains. Wooden blinds also fit in well with a rustic décor as they add an earthy feel, blending in with the nature seen outside the windows.

At the other end of the spectrum from a minimal interior theme, you can get a bit more carried away with the cosy comforts when it comes to country-style bedroom ideas. Opt for layers of throws and blankets on beds, as well as an eclectic mix of cushions to make your bed as inviting as possible.

Embrace patterns

Rustic country bedroom ideas can embrace the use of pattern without being overbearing. You can use subtle florals, checks and stripes in your wallpaper, artwork and bedding, which all show a salute for the rural trend.

Note that florals don’t have to be overly feminine or chintzy nowadays. Miniature floral prints or geometric floral prints add a modern twist on the usual patterns.

Install Shaker-style storage

When it comes to larger items of furniture and storage pieces, choosing a Shaker design can add an elegant touch. Shaker-style fitted wardrobes are simple and practical, yet perfectly suit your country bedroom theme.

Shaker-style wardrobes can be implemented in a range of designs and also in a choice of hand-painted colourways, from neutral shades of white to warm navy tones, which look especially fantastic with herringbone wooden floors.

Bringing your dream country bedroom to life

When it comes to designing authentic and inviting country bedrooms, Hammonds really are the experts.

Once you have arranged your free in-home visit, our designers will suggest a range of fitted furniture pieces in styles, colours and designs to bring your dream country-style bedroom to life.

You bring the space, we bring the inspiration

Whether you have an exact vision in tow, or are just at the beginning stage of your home renovation, we have heaps of inspiration for you to get stuck into. 

Find a wealth of design tips, trends and inspiration in the pages of our brochure, magazine and on our blog. Our experts are always ready to help you create dream home, pop in store or book your free design visit for experts to help on bringing your vision to life.