Feng shui bedroom decorating ideas

How to feng shui your bedroom this spring

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that was introduced over 3,000 years ago.

The term feng shui relates to the elements of water and wind, which historically carry connotations of health and healing in Chinese cultural tradition. When it comes to your home interior, feng shui is about gaining harmony in your living space to balance the energies and assure wellbeing and fortune for your family.

In feng shui practice, the bedroom is the most important room in your house. It’s a place where you go to sleep, recover and rest your mind. As such, the room needs to be free of any disturbing influences that might get in the way of this.

With this in mind, we offer five feng shui bedroom rules for you to follow this spring and feel the difference in your day to day.

1. Reposition your bed

To ensure you are following one of the key feng shui bedroom principles, you should position your bed so that it is in a commanding position. This means that when you are in bed, you should not be directly facing or in line with any doors in the room.

Despite not placing your bed directly in front of a door, the commanding position specifies that you should be able to see the entrance to the room, so that nothing can catch you off guard. Because of this, you should not position the bed against the entrance wall to your room, nor should it go against a party wall. Ideally, it will be placed on the back wall, diagonally positioned towards the main door.

2. Invest in a headboard

Once you have established a commanding position for your bed, it’s time to invest in a sturdy headboard. Headboards are an important feng shui bedroom solution that symbolise strength and stability in life, especially in romantic relationships and marriages.  

To be truly stable, there should be no perforations or gaps in the headboard. This means that, ideally, they should be made from solid wood or upholstered fabric, rather than a slatted or metal bar-style design. Be sure to fasten the headboard to the bed securely in order to enjoy the most support from it and push your headboard directly against the wall.  

3. Reduce electronic devices

Having been told many times in sleep guides and mental health awareness posts, most of us know not to scroll through our phones, check the news or watch something thought-provoking on the TV before bedtime. However, feng shui takes this advice one step further by advising that no electronic devices are allowed into the bedroom apart from a basic alarm clock.

Not only will this reduce the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your bedroom, but it will also optimise the space for good chi (life force) and help you to enjoy much better sleep with less disturbance or interruption from lights, sounds or notifications.

4. Choose your colour scheme wisely

When it comes to feng shui bedroom decorating ideas, the colours you choose should be very personal to your needs. Earthy colour schemes of washed greys, stone and pale pastels can help to make a space feel relaxing and restful. If it’s a calming sanctuary you’re trying to create, this is the direction to go.

If you need rejuvenation and a good energy boost, then greens and blues are a good choice, as they’re likely to make you feel more alive and alert as you wake up to start each day. Or, if you’re keen to reinvigorate some passion in your décor, you could incorporate some pinks, peaches, or deep red shades to spice things up a little!  

5. Detox and declutter

Detoxification is an important feng shui bedroom rule. You want to remove as many chemical and toxic items from your room as possible and replace them with natural products instead. Limit plastic items, synthetic fabrics and chemical-filled candles and incense. Replace them with glass, ceramics, organic cotton fabrics, natural wax candles and essential oils instead.

To counteract any toxins left in your room, add as many living plants as you can. Plants add a positive, restorative atmosphere. No feng shui bedroom would be complete without some foliage!

Decluttering is also an important process to go through in order to achieve tranquillity. As well as getting rid of visible mess in the room, you’ll need to de-clutter all the hidden places too. In feng shui, it’s believed that the items underneath us can affect us as we sleep. So, if you’re guilty of stuffing junk underneath your bed to get it out of sight, you’ll need to find a more organised solution.

Our bedroom fitted wardrobes offer a feng-shui-friendly storage solution. With ample space to house clothing, shoes and accessories, everything is kept beautifully tidy and away from your precious sleep space. With a range of colours and finishes to choose from, your bespoke wardrobes blend in with your bedroom interior, leaving you with a sanctuary.

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