High ceiling bedroom design tips

High ceiling bedroom design tips

Here’s how to make the most out of any extra vertical space you might have in your bedroom.

High ceilings can be both grand and striking in any room, but what do you do with all of that extra vertical space in your bedroom? This blog will provide design inspiration and ideas of what to do with all that extra height. 


Choose built-in storage

Having high ceiling bedroom storage will transform your bedroom into an organised haven and make the most of that extra wall space. Fitted wardrobes put every inch of a wall to use and maximise the storage space you have in your room, creating a clear, organised space for slumber. Built-in storage also offers plenty of hanging space plus storage for more bulky items such as spare bed linen or children’s toys.

By choosing to include more built-in storage, this will look neater and more aesthetically pleasing than a couple of storage boxes on top of a wardrobe. Everything will be more streamlined and consistent, not to mention the same colour and material. You won’t have to worry about finding additional storage that matches your high ceiling bedroom storage at a later date, like you might have to with a freestanding wardrobe.


Use architectural features

Many homes with high ceilings will have certain structural support which can add quirk and character to a space, such as exposed beams or heavy metal joists. These can become a focal point in the room and even be decorated with things like polaroids or string lights to add extra dimension.

These features can be added in artificially too, if you’re going for more of a rustic, country cottage-type feel around the home. Though they might not offer much in the way of structural support, they’ll catch the attention of visitors and give your home some unique flair.


Match the scale

Go big or go home! Up the proportions of your décor and furniture to match the expanse of the walls. Hang things like oversized art or mirrors and place them quite high up the wall to give the room authority.

Upscale things like your bed and wardrobes and turn your bedroom into a glorious feature. Play up the extravagance with a four-poster bed or high headboard and floor to ceiling fitted wardrobes with exotic handles and detailing as this will not only look amazing but will make the most of the height you have in the room.

Add in your own unique take on high ceiling bedroom design with some personal items or upcycled furniture. You could even try combining two chests of drawers to create one, adding more storage space and height in the process. The beauty of this is that you can turn it into whatever you’d want it to be, it’s surprising what some TLC and a fresh idea can make with old, unloved furniture.


Play with topography

Don’t stick to just one level of height as things can become stagnant and 2D. Instead, spice it up with furniture and ornaments at different heights to keep the room multidimensional. Install shelving at a variety of heights and place eye-catching trinkets on them. This will stop everything from existing at the same eyeline and bring different areas of your bedroom together.

Use bookcases and curtains to encompass the walls and add different textures and personal touches to your space.


Hang statement lighting

Having statement lighting hung in your bedroom is a smart way of creating the illusion of a lower ceiling. By having something that’s grand and hangs lower, it will help to join up different parts of the room.

Lighting can also create a cosier feeling, especially if you use warm lightbulbs instead of white lighting. The use of a dimmer switch or smart bulbs that can be controlled with your phone will also make your room feel snug and personal.

Try adding lighting pieces like chandeliers or low-hanging shades with tassel detailing to introduce more character to the room. Vintage elements are very popular at the moment and can often work well as a juxtaposition to a modern bedroom.

If you’re going for a rustic or industrial feel with your room, try adding pendant lighting, complemented with a few Edison style bulbs for that warehouse feel. Use geometric shapes and angles to create a statement in your bedroom.

Remember to think about the rest of your furniture when getting lighting, as the wrong lighting could make the whole room look amiss if the scaling is completely off.

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