How On Earth Do I Store That?

How On Earth Do I Store That?

Some things are easy to store. Books go on the bookshelf, cutlery in the drawer and shirts hang in the wardrobe. Other things are more of a challenge. Let’s take a look at some of those hard-to-store items.


Rings, necklaces and earrings can often end up in a tangled heap, making it hard to see what you have. Declutter anything you don’t wear, donating it to the charity or perhaps selling it on. Does anyone really need ten pairs of almost identical hoop earrings? Then give everything a home in a compartmentalised jewellery tray in your dresser drawer making accessorising your outfit a dream rather than a nightmare.


Did you know they are best stored in the bedroom rather than the bathroom? The humidity will degrade them so keep them lasting longer in a cool dry place.

Create order by dividing into type, such as Eyes, Lips and Face. Then either store in an acyclic tower with drawers. Or for a luxurious feel, opt for a custom-built cosmetics unit in your dressing table.

Spare duvets and blankets

Reduce the size with space-saving vacuum bags, careful not to squash duvets too much or you could flatten the fillings. Store on high shelves or in drawers.

Another tip, be careful not to store near a heat source as this can weaken the vacuum bag and make it more likely to tear.


A fantastic way to get about and a great form of exercise, however they can be tricky to store. Having them lingering in the hall near the door can look cluttered and can be a trip hazard. But leave them outside or in a shed and they could get stolen. We recommend a wall-mounted bike rack in the hall to keep them off the ground and out of the way.

Plastic Food Containers

Food tubs are a brilliant way of helping you stay organised in the kitchen with your food, popping leftovers in the freezer for another time and much better for the environment than tin foil or cling film. However they can be a nightmare to store and half the problem is having too many. So start by recycling any scratched, discoloured or lidless tubs, leaving the ones best to use. Stack one inside the other and use the biggest tub to store the lids. If yours don’t stack, buy from the same range in future so they do.

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