How to become a morning person

How to become a morning person

This lifestyle blog is full of tips that will help the biggest night owls to rise and shine in a morning in a space that promotes a good night’s sleep.

Some of us are naturally night owls, yet we are sometimes faced with commitments and changes in our lives that make having that morning motivation a little more crucial. This lifestyle blog will offer simple tips on how to become a morning person.


Design a consistent bedtime routine

By having a regular routine to follow just before bed, you’ll associate this pattern with getting sleepy and ready for a peaceful night of rest. A bedtime routine could be something as simple as having a bath or shower and brushing your teeth before settling down for the night.

If you struggle to get to sleep, avoid any bright lights or artificial lighting from things like laptops and phones and instead close your eyes and listen to a podcast.

Artificial lighting will replicate daylight and make us think we need to stay awake for longer, so that simple scroll through Facebook or last episode on Netflix before bed might actually be doing more harm than good!


Create a morning routine, too!

If you’re still wondering how to turn yourself into a morning person, it’s important to think about devising a wake-up routine too! Having a set regime for when you rise will inspire you to start your day the right way.

For example, you could start your morning with a few light stretches and your skincare routine, followed by a hearty breakfast to get you going. Factoring in enough time to wake comfortably and follow your routine at a pace that suits you will mean that you won’t be rushing around and have a bad experience in the morning or miss a vital part that will set you up for your day ahead, such as forgetting to pack your lunch or notepad before leaving for work.

Also, before you go to bed the night before, write down a few things that you’re excited for tomorrow. This way, when you wake up, you’ll have motivation and goals already set for the day to get you jumping out of bed!


Eat earlier

By having your evening meal at the very least two hours before you intend on going to sleep, you give your body chance to digest the food beforehand. This means you’re less likely to have a disruptive sleep or struggle to get to sleep due to things like indigestion.

If you’re feeling peckish at night, try to avoid greasy and spicy foods before bedtime and have lighter, easier to digest snacks like fruit and grains.


Avoid caffeine later in the day

Though caffeine is great for keeping us awake and focused during long meetings, it can also cause headaches, jitters, and insomnia.

Consuming caffeine in the afternoon can disrupt sleep by either keeping you awake or waking you up in the middle of the night, so aim for a midday cut off. If you keep yourself fueled throughout the day with fizzy drinks and coffee, try making the swap to squash and decaf.

If you absolutely must have a cup of joe in the afternoon, it’s recommended that you only do so a minimum of six hours before bedtime to avoid a disruptive night’s sleep. If this doesn’t work, try making a note of when you last consumed caffeine before bed and how your sleep was affected. This will help you to gauge exactly when you should cut out the caffeine. Your brain will thank you later.


Wake up the right way

Waking up with a glimpse of natural light, or a soothing alarm tone, can be a gentler way to start the day off. Avoid cluttering your room and covering up anywhere that natural light can enter.

Skip clunky, bulky furniture and instead opt for things that complement the shape of your room instead of obstructing it, such as fitted wardrobes and beds with storage so you can keep your room clear and tidy.

Try to brighten up dark coloured walls with a fresh lick of vivid paint as this will encourage natural light into the room and help you to wake up naturally. Things that cast shadows or cover up the windows should be replaced with lightweight curtains that can be easily pinned back and allow you to make the most of daylight in your bedroom. If you have a skylight, maybe try angling your bed so that it’s near it and you can benefit from being woken by the sun on a beautiful warm day.

Avoid hitting snooze on your alarm as this will make it more difficult to get out of bed and can form bad habits. Sticking to this will help to maintain your morning intentions.


Shift your mindset

A huge step towards maintaining all of the above is to control your internal monologue. Have a positive attitude when changing something as big as your sleep schedule, tell yourself that you’re in the process of becoming a morning person and see how your body and mind reacts.

These things don’t just happen overnight, so cut yourself some slack if you don’t succeed at first. Keep trying and before long you’ll be a morning mogul.


Create your perfect oasis

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