How to create an inviting guest bedroom

How to create an inviting guest bedroom

Imagine a guest bedroom that makes your visitors feel like they're on a luxury retreat. This level of comfort and relaxation isn't reserved for high-end hotels or Airbnbs. You can achieve it in your own home with a few thoughtful design choices.

A guest bedroom design that prioritises comfort will make your visitors feel valued and speak volumes about your hospitality. With your guests comfortable and content, you'll have more time to focus on unwinding and enjoying their stay. Here’s how to create a guest room that’s inviting for all. 

Use a classic colour scheme

Colour sets the tone for your guest bedroom, so choose an appealing scheme. Opt for a timeless palette that fosters a sense of calm and allows your visitors to truly unwind.

Crisp white walls are a perennial favourite, promoting a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness. Earthy tones such as beige, taupe and ochre create a warm and cosy atmosphere, particularly ideal for cooler climates. If you want to emphasise restful sleep, consider cool light blues or calming greens. These colours promote relaxation, ensuring your guests wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Limit pattern

Pattern can add personality to a space, but too much can become visually overwhelming and stressful. Keep things controlled by using pattern sparingly. Introduce a single statement pattern through matching curtains and bedding or create a focal point with a patterned wallpaper on one feature wall.

For a more layered look, incorporate two or three patterns that share a common theme, such as florals. Balance larger patterns by pairing them with smaller ones, like a bold floral duvet cover complemented by throw pillows featuring a delicate floral print. Whatever pattern you choose, moderation is key when creating a cohesive, calming space.

Focus on feeling

A charming guest room goes beyond visual appeal by catering to all the senses. Invest in breathable, high-quality bedding made from natural materials such as cotton or linen. This ensures cool and comfortable rest and sleep, especially during the warmer months.

Make the bed more alluring with luxurious velvet pillows and cashmere throws – small touches that provide comfort and exude indulgence. For a welcoming touch underfoot, invest in a plush rug to add a layer of warmth and provide a soft landing upon waking, particularly in rooms with non-carpet flooring.

Natural ventilation is crucial to wellness, so, when possible, open windows to help create a refreshing environment. Then use scented candles with natural essential oils to introduce calming fragrances to the fresh air. To ensure a truly restful sleep experience, consider adding a white noise machine to the room. This can help block disruptive noises from outside or within the house, helping your visitors to peacefully drift off to sleep.

Keep the space open

When it comes to guest bedrooms, decluttering is paramount. Avoid overwhelming the space with personal items or excessive décor. Instead, focus on practical and functional elements such as bedside lamps, a water jug with coasters and a wastebasket.

Bulky freestanding furniture can eat up valuable floor space, especially in smaller bedrooms. Opt instead for streamlined storage solutions like fitted wardrobes that offer ample storage for your visitors' belongings. Choose a slim armchair and a sleek coffee table instead of bulky furniture that might make the space feel cramped.

Prioritise lighting

As any seasoned interior designer will attest, lighting plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming ambience. Maximise natural light by opting for light-filtering blinds or sheer curtains. Avoid heavy drapes that block sunlight and keep windowsills clear of clutter to ensure natural light can flood the room.

Cater to your guests' different needs by offering a variety of lighting options. Include an overhead light fixture for general visibility, supplemented by bedside lamps with warm-toned bulbs for reading or late-night activities. Consider adding a dimmer switch for the overhead light, allowing your visitors to adjust the brightness and create a softer mood.

Design your ideal guest bedroom with Hammonds

Creating an inviting guest bedroom design isn't just about aesthetics – it's about crafting a holistic experience that meets the needs of your visitors. By achieving the right balance of style and function, you can create a bedroom that makes your guests feel welcome and cherished, ensuring their stay is memorable for all the right reasons.

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