How to decorate a slanted wall bedroom

How to decorate a slanted wall bedroom

Adding pops of colour and personality to odd-shaped walls is not easy. Here we offer some top tips for making slanted surfaces sing.

How to decorate a slanted wall bedroom

Converting an attic space into another bedroom can be an effective way to add value to your property, as well as providing a wealth of extra space within your home for yourself or potential guests. The issue is that attic spaces aren’t usually the ideal shape to decorate.

Slanted walls and ceilings can prove troublesome for decorating and furnishing if you don’t have the right know-how. So, if you’re looking for sloped wall decorating ideas to help get around the unique challenges an attic bedroom can provide, look no further – we’ve got the answers you need.


Choose white or light colours

Picking a white paint or a very light shade will help the light within the space to be reflected rather than absorbed. Natural light in attic spaces is a valuable commodity, so you should do your best to enhance any that’s present. Furnishings with light tones can also help with this; choosing woods with bright hues or light finishes will make the room feel bigger and brighter.

Using darker shades within an attic space can create a cave effect, sucking out the light and making the space feel a lot smaller than it should. That isn’t to say you can’t use darker shades at all, as they can provide a nice contrast within the room. Just make sure not to overpower the lighter elements and detract from the sense of space.


Use custom built-in storage

Because loft and attic bedrooms are usually unique in how slanted the walls or ceilings are, finding appropriate furnishings can be difficult. Finding an off-the-shelf solution for your wardrobes and drawers can leave you with either minimal options or sections of underutilised space.

If there was ever a space to choose made-to-measure storage options for, rooms with slanted walls would be the one to pick. By having a design expert assess the room and help you pick a customised option, you can make use of all the available space. Even sections at a reduced height could be the perfect spaces to tuck away linen baskets and other smaller storage solutions.


Maximise the available light

As we know, natural light can sometimes be harder to come by in attics. Adding in skylights or larger windows where possible can help spaces to feel light and airy. This can be especially useful when combatting the lower ceiling heights, preventing the space from feeling more closed in.

Effective use of bright pendant lighting or chandeliers, as well as with floor lamps, can give you the tools to adjust the light level within the room when necessary. Coupled with the lighter decorative shades and windows, you can make your slanted bedroom feel more like a light-filled penthouse than a shadowy attic space.


Make use of textures

Many loft spaces can have gorgeous features like exposed beams and wooden panelling which add to the character of the room. Building on this foundation can make the space a particularly appealing spot in your home.

Choosing furnishings which complement the natural tones of these features can create a cohesive aesthetic, while introducing decorative touches like prints and textiles such as rugs can add a tactile touch to the room. Knowing where to place mirrors can also be helpful, as they can make spaces feel bigger, enhance the available light in the room and serve a practical use.  


Create cosy nooks

In the areas where you need sloped ceiling bedroom ideas which are a little more atypical, then you can consider adding in a cosy nook which takes advantage of a more closed-in space rather than trying to overcome it.

Corners can be given an overhaul using low-down, plush seating, cushions and rugs which give you a private space to read, listen to records or otherwise. By transforming a smaller space with a slanted ceiling into a private retreat for your hobbies, you can turn cave-like corners into a haven full of charming features.


design visit from one of our experts can help you to make the most of your rooms with sloped walls. We can advise you on how to utilise difficult spaces with bespoke fitted wardrobes and storage, as well as helping to bring your ideas for the room to life.

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