How to decorate your home office

How to decorate your home office

With more people working from home than ever before, many of us are looking at ways to spruce up our home working area to be a more comfortable and inspiring space.

Your home office doesn’t have to be corporate or drab: in fact, the brighter and more contemporary it is, the better the chance of working efficiently.

In this article, we look at the key ways to decorate a home office to maximise space and create a harmonious working environment.

Pick a style

Just as you choose a scheme to decorate the rest of your home interior, your home office décor should reflect your personality and style too.

Think about what kind of environment you would like to work from each day and build you interior ideas around that. Whether you prefer traditional, rustic or modern Scandinavian vibes, this theme will determine the rest of your office décor ideas.

Choose your colour scheme

There are no rules when it comes to home office colours. However, be aware that the colours you opt for could affect the way you work, as well as your mood!

Tones of red are seen to stimulate the body and mind and increase adrenaline, whereas tones of blue are believed to be calming, soothe stress and help you to relax. Orange is used to increase energy levels and yellow hues are there to make you happy and smile, so the theory goes.

The nature of your work and how you generally feel while working should impact the colour scheme you select for your working area.   

Maximise light

Good lighting is essential for extended periods of work, especially where screen use is involved. Therefore, maximise natural light from windows, where possible, but be sure to position your computer at an angle that doesn't create screen glare.

If natural light isn’t plentiful in your home office area or during the darker, winter months, you may wish to supplement light with additional desk lamps, floor lamps or pendant lights. This will reduce the chances of eyestrain, lethargy and headaches, which come as a result of poor lighting conditions.   

Choose attractive, ergonomic furniture

You want your home office furniture to look great, but if you work from home often, you also need your chair and desk to be comfortable to prevent physical health issues.

Choose a chair to support your spinal curves and adjust its height so that your feet can rest flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to the floor. Your desk should be at a height that is comfy to rest your arms on and your screen should be positioned at eye level or just slightly below.

If the room allows, you could also consider a standing desk to boost your energy and blood circulation. This can be used to suit different tasks and moods, depending on the nature of your work.  

Integrate smart storage

Documents, wires and other tech clutter can easily disrupt your focus, so be sure to sort out appropriate storage for your equipment and paperwork.

No matter what size or shape your home office is, fitted office furniture is the best option to ensure that all your storage needs are taken care of. Fitted cabinets and study furniture can be tailored to fit drawers, cupboards and shelves to house all your office supplies, as well as create space for important décor items such as green plants, inspirational photos and mood-influencing candles and diffusers.

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