How to design a practical and stylish utility room


Utility rooms are supremely practical spaces that make everyday living a lot easier, so it's no surprise that they can add as much as 5% to the value of your home. Whether you’re using yours as a laundry or boot room, it's easy for your belongings to pile up in this area and you need the right amount of space to maintain harmony between storage and style.

However, that doesn't mean you'll need to sacrifice design and there are plenty of utility room storage ideas that bridge the gap. This allows you to keep your clothing and footwear in an organised manner but never grow tired of the brilliant design the room offers too.

In this article, we’ll discuss design ideas for a practical and stylish utility room, so you can feel inspired and elevate your home's overall look as well as storage opportunities. 


Choose durable flooring 

A utility room is a hardworking space that sees a lot of action, meaning it needs to be up for the task. This is especially important if you have a washing machine that packs a punch as the spin cycle could put the floor under pressure.

Using natural stone or wood effect ceramic floors give your room a chic feel while still being hardwearing and durable. What's more, these can cater to many budgets with natural stone being a more expensive choice and ceramic floors opening up choice for more budget ranges.   


Use floor-to-ceiling storage

You can maximise your space by installing floor-to-ceiling storage with high-level shelves. This gives you more range to plan your storage effectively and you can keep your belongings out of sight.

Boot room storage and fitted furniture can also be designed specifically for your home to meet your needs. This means implementing shelving where you want it or leaving a big enough gap for your washing machine or tumble dryer.   


Don’t overdress your display

You don’t need to go overboard with decorations in your utility room as it’s a functional space for folding clothes, cleaning shoes and plenty of other household tasks. You won't want to fill the room with unnecessary items.

That doesn't mean you can't have any personality in this space, however. Small plants on the countertops or your favourite artwork can inject a bit of 'you' into your utility space without overcrowding the area for completing chores. 

Energise with colourful cabinetry 

Though these rooms work hard, they can still be fun and stylish without detracting from the functionality of the space by adding some colour. This is a great way to experiment with decorating styles and introducing bold tones can add a new lease of life to the room.

If you're struggling to decide which shades to add to your utility room, why not try one of the colours influencing our homes in 2023? This will keep your home on-trend and will wow guests when they visit.   

Cater for different activities

Your utility room doesn’t need to be reserved for one specific activity, which makes it a brilliant idea to turn it into a multifunctional space that can accommodate all manner of hobbies and housework.

So, whether you need an area to store footwear, do your laundry or repot your plants, your utility room is a great place to do all this and more. Plus, you can even add a nook for family members to hang out in when they need a moment to themselves.


Book a design visit

If you want an organised utility room that oozes style, fitted living is the way to go. Book a free design visit with Hammonds today and have one of our experts provide a bespoke design for your home. This will give you plenty of storage options, so you know how to organise your utility room perfectly, every time.


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