How to incorporate grey paint into your home

Grey has been everyone’s favourite neutral for some time now and, as much as many of us try to make bolder choices with our interior design, there’s a reason why we so often come back to it. Several reasons, actually. Here’s our guide to grey home décor and how best to use it.

Why choose grey paint?

Grey can feel soft and cosy, while also cool. Dark greys can look dramatic, while lighter tones are classic. You can get greys with green undertones that feel timeless and elegant, or you can get them with lilac tones that are more playful and youthful. You’ll find blue greys and silvery greys and even beige greys that some are calling ‘greige’. There really is a grey for everything.

That’s true because everything looks good with grey, so it’s a brilliant base for your home.

Light shades of grey

Light shades of grey can range from off-white to something akin to concrete, and there is a myriad of shades in between. There can be no room in your home that wouldn’t suit a light grey, no matter how blessed you are with natural light and large windows.

Living rooms look great with a mid-to-light tone, perhaps paired with white woodwork like a picture rail. For the likes of kitchens and bathrooms, light grey home décor can feel clean and fresh, while in bedrooms it can feel soft and warm – like a big hug. If you have gone for a bolder colour on your walls, then grey is often the perfect colour to complement it, so you could think about it for your sofas, rugs, and curtains.

Dark shades of grey

Grey is a safe and familiar colour for your house but the darker tones can actually feel quite dramatic. Deep, rich charcoals have plenty of appeal and, paired with a white ceiling, they can look really chic and modern in a bedroom. Mix a dark grey with some brights and a bit of neon and you could have an awesome cinema or games room. A dark grey décor would also suit an older child or teenager’s bedroom. Whether you pair it with white, rich jewel colours or pretty pastels, it all goes well. That’s why everyone loves grey.

Pair grey with patterns

Grey, whichever shade you choose, is classed by many as a neutral colour because it is so versatile and can complement and lift the rest of your home décor. Because of that, it is a great choice to use alongside patterns.

If you have a flair for the dramatic you could choose even the most outrageous of wallpapers and carry it off with class and style if you have grey paint alongside it. You could also achieve a subtle, muted look by pairing light grey furniture with some pretty floral wallpaper or curtains.

Grey accessories

Apart from the fact that they look smart, grey accessories are a sensible choice because you can guarantee that, if you ever move home, you can take them with you and they will always look good and fit in. They also allow you to change your style over time. Take a grey sofa, for example. You could add some bright velvet cushions and an artistic lamp, and your room could look quite dramatic. When you have had enough of that, you could then bring in some floral cushions and a woollen throw and lighten up the mood. Then team it with a sheepskin rug and some cashmere cushions and you have a kind of luxe-neutral that is perfect for loafing around. There are seemingly infinite other options.

Storage to compliment a grey colour scheme

We have a range of cool grey tones on our colour charts, which are perfect for fitted furniture because you know that it will never go out of fashion (for all of the reasons mentioned above).

Whether you prefer light grey fitted cupboards in shades like dove or mussel, or darker shades like dust or pebble, there is plenty of choice. You can wow your colleagues by dialling into video calls from one of our grey fitted offices (Linje looks super chic in a darker grey hue) or create a sumptuous sleep sanctuary where all your things are hidden away behind a wall of elegant grey wardrobes.

Let Hammonds help with your grey storage options

For more help and guidance creating your perfect home, book a design visit with one of our experts. We can help you to plan an ideal storage solution that will transform your home.