How to introduce patterns to your home

How to introduce patterns to your home

Whether you want to embrace maximalism or hop on the quiet luxury bandwagon this year, there's a place for patterns in the latest interior design trends.

When done right, including several styles in different sizes will add interest and bring balance to your spaces. Patterns are also an effective way to pick up design motifs and display your personality. However, there is a danger of making spaces look crowded and confusing, so care must be taken when introducing patterns into your home.

Discover the tricks to successful decorating with patterns, from how many to include to where they should be featured.

Be selective

Consider the space you are decorating and plan carefully before you begin updating your interiors. Especially in small rooms, too many patterns can be overwhelming, so it's important to be selective.

Keen to feature a patterned wallpaper? Stick up samples and scale up the squares in your mind's eye to assess what the walls would look like when covered. Using wallpaper to create a feature wall is a great way to include the pattern without consuming the room.

Artwork is another way to feature patterns on your walls, from soft florals to bold geometric designs. Think about the shape of the room, the position of your furniture and where you have sufficient space to ensure you hang pictures in prime locations.

Alternatively, you can add patterns to your furniture, in the upholstery or decorated cushions and throws. Play around with the placement of your sofas and chairs to balance the busy patterns you're introducing against plain backdrops.

Less is more

You can be subtle in how you showcase patterns, so don't shy away from them in minimalist interiors. Remember that less is often more if you're trying to make an impact!

Pare back the amount of patterns you display in one space, letting one or two do the talking. Frame the window with decorative curtains or install a dramatic rug and pick up the pattern in cushions in a connected design.

If you're putting up wallpaper, choose a simple pattern in muted colours with plenty of plain background space. Sticking to a neutral palette in the space will help patterns pop while ensuring a cohesive overall design. Add gilded flourishes to achieve the quiet luxury look.

Go for florals

If you're looking for an easy entrance into the world of patterns, go for florals. This is a classic way to add visual interest and designs range from dainty to daring to suit your space and personal style. Florals echo nature, so they have the added advantage of making your space feel uplifting and restful.

Vintage floral patterns like chintz are back for 2024 but they've been brought up to date with stronger hues and there's no restriction on how to showcase them, from armchairs to lampshades.

Lucky enough to have interesting architectural features like alcoves and bay windows in your home? Floral wallpaper will help to add depth and make potentially awkward spaces an intentional part of the design.

Clash the patterns

Finally, don't be afraid to clash the patterns to elevate your design and add energy to your spaces. Patterns in different sizes and themes can be congruous and cohesive but rules still apply.

First and foremost, offset your patterns with blocks of colour. Florals balance beautifully against neutral walls, wooden floors and furniture in natural shades like the green sliding wardrobe from Hammonds. Geometric patterns are especially effective in a monochrome colour scheme.

Maintain a balance between large and small, simple and complex, light and dark. Deliberate contrasts will help to keep the space open and easy on the eye. Using one colour palette as your foundation will unite the patterns so the mix does not feel chaotic.

Mixed multicoloured prints can work – there's no denying that maximalism packs a punch – but consider the mood you are trying to achieve before going all out. Often, restraint is needed for a sense of serenity.

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