How to make a productive home office

In the last year or so, due to recent world events, the home office has changed from being a nice-to-have area to a must-have for many workers.

Whether you have plenty of space in your home for a dedicated office room or are struggling with space to work from, here we have plenty of ideas to help you set up the perfect environment for productivity.

Choose a secluded location

When choosing a good place to work from in your home, it’s best to consider where will be the quietest area with fewest distractions.

For example, if you are too near the kitchen, you might be tempted by the constant draw of the fridge calling you. Or, if you are close to the utility room, you may be distracted by the sounds of the washing machine humming or the tumble dryer rattling.

Working from your bedroom is also not a great idea. Your bedroom should be a space reserved for relaxation and sleep, therefore, it’s best to separate your work from this area for mental health purposes.

If you don’t have a designated room available, then a corner of your living room or an attic space could work well to begin with.

Invest in the right furniture

If it looks like you’re going to be working for extended periods of time from home, then it’s important to think about the furniture you are going to need to make life easier, and more comfortable.

Ergonomic office chairs are an absolute must when it comes to preparing your home office furniture. A basic kitchen chair isn’t going to be suitable if you are spending long hours in one place at your computer screen. Not only will you feel uncomfortable, but your posture and back health will suffer in the long term. An ergonomic chair adapts to your position throughout the day and provides support for your spine at exactly the right height for you.

A dedicated computer desk will also be extremely useful as it offers a place to rest your laptop and monitor, plenty of drawer space for equipment, and enough room your legs.

Upgrade your technology

Lockdown life has made us all realise how much we depend on technology. Therefore, when working from home, you don’t want to be slowed down by persistent tech issues.

Ensure you have all the tools available that you need, including a reliable laptop or desktop, mouse, keyboard and headset, as well as charging points available nearby to your desk.

The speed of your internet connection is also a key factor to productive home working. You don’t want to be dropping out of Zoom calls when all your team are relying on you for input. Therefore, be sure to perform regular checks using an online speed test and make sure your broadband package is suitable for your needs. 

Keep clutter at bay

When it comes to how to make a productive home office, organisation is paramount: an organised space is an efficient one. Therefore, practice a clean desk policy with minimum clutter. Not only will this help to keep you more focussed, but it will also ensure you don’t lose items you need close to hand.

It’s definitely worth investing in suitable storage space to accommodate your home-working needs, and fitted home office furniture is a great choice. It provides you with the opportunity to design your storage to suit your unique requirements, as well as a huge choice of colourways, designs and finishes to make your work area chic and stylish. 

Mix up lighting

Lighting your work area is also a key consideration. You want to make the space bright enough so you are not straining your eyes, but also accented in the right direction to highlight the areas you need.

Natural light is obviously the best lighting option as it will also help to boost your energy levels. Therefore, placing your desk next to a window or below a skylight is a good idea if possible.

If natural light is not available, or when the winter days draw darker, overhead lighting is key to maximise productivity. Desk lamps can also help to add additional lighting directed to a specific space.

Bring in nature

Key horticultural organisations have highlighted the benefits of indoor plants to improve wellbeing and mental health at home. Therefore, when it comes to your home office, it’s worth investing in some greenery to bring nature into your space.

The psychological benefits of indoor plants have been shown to reduce stress levels, improve attention span and improve overall mood. Not to mention an increase in oxygen production and airflow in the nearby areas to where they are positioned.

Pay a visit to your local garden centre and ask for some advice on selecting plants suitable for a home office environment.

Create a space you enjoy working in

Now you have created a space that is quiet, comfy and tech-ready, think about how you can make it inspiring and enjoyable.

Although you’re aiming for a clutter-free environment, a couple of family photos on the shelf and a funky mug mat on your desk are sure to bring a smile to your face – even after the longest conference call!

Choose a motivational screensaver for your laptop when you take a break. Whether it’s a quote that you can relate to or an image of your favourite holiday destination, it will give you the motivation you need to carry on with the rest of your day.

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