Ideas to declutter your living room

Ideas to declutter your living room

Your living room should be inviting, relaxing and comfortable – a place to rest with family members after a busy day. However, nothing is less inviting, relaxing and comfortable than a home filled with clutter!

We offer some helpful advice on how to declutter your living room and keep things organised and well-ordered in 2022.

Remove what doesn’t belong

As a popular hub for family members and friends to congregate in, it’s common for the living room to accumulate items from all over the house. However, this doesn’t mean it needs to be permanently full of clutter.

Start by walking around the room and eliminating items that have amassed over the past few weeks, like paperwork, post, toys and exercise equipment. Re-home what needs to stay and then donate, recycle or shred the items that you no longer need in your life.

If you're clearing the same items from the living room time and again, you might need to consider finding a stable home for them moving forward.

Upgrade your storage

Living room storage is essential to house all the things you don’t want to be on display. You may have open shelves, book cabinets and coffee tables, but save these surfaces for pretty flowers, books, candles and photo frames.

Fitted cabinets offer a space-saving solution that maximises the storage available in your living room. Whether it’s a corner cupboard or wall unit, you can create a safe haven for games, shoes, toys and paperwork – or anything else you need close by.

Other ideas to declutter your living room include multi-level coffee tables and ottoman footstools, which offer extra pockets of storage in a smaller living room. Some sofas also come with storage underneath, which can be ideal for bedding, blankets or seasonal items such as Christmas decorations.

Tidy up your electronics

If you're anything like us, visible wires and cables will be a big pet hate of yours! However, with all the tech items located within your living room, they will inevitably start to creep in on floors and across walls over time. Just beware that they can quickly take over a room.

TV and media cabinets offer the perfect solution to hide away intruding technology and wires. With a fitted TV unit, you can store everything out of sight, while still benefiting from the effect of a cosy home cinema when the time is right.

Media units can be designed to fit on the wall, on the floor or even in corners to make use of tricky alcoves. They can also be created to fit seamlessly into your interior theme without causing too much distraction.

Reassess your furniture and accessories

When it comes to furnishings in a living room, it’s all about proportion.

If your room still feels cluttered after a good tidy up, you might want to consider downsizing items of furniture or re-distributing unnecessary pieces into other rooms. Even though they might look attractive on their own, tables, free-standing bookshelves, stools and wide planters can all get in the way of a relaxing living environment.

Don’t go overboard with hordes of cushions, rugs or pattered throws in a smaller space either. Keep things cosy but minimal with a couple of cushions and plain-coloured throws to blend into the décor.

Create the illusion of extra space

When you want to create a space that looks roomier and more spacious, mirrors and lights can help you fulfil that illusion.

Hanging a large mirror on a wall is a great way to bounce light around a room and make it feel larger and brighter. Be sure to select a simple mirror with a neutral frame and position it so it matches the size of your furniture to create beautiful symmetry.

Natural light also helps with increasing the feeling of space, so leave shutters and curtains open during the daytime to let the brightness shine into your newly uncluttered space!  

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