Love language design ideas for bedrooms

How to design your bedroom based on your love language

What's your love language? Are you someone who enjoys spending time with others? Maybe you're at your happiest when you've giving gifts to those you love?

The way in which you show your care and appreciation for others reflects your personality, so why not add this part of your personality to your bedroom?

After all, your bedroom is considered your safe space and is designed to be the one room where you can rest up and feel rejuvenated. Make it your own by getting design ideas for bedrooms in your home from the language you use to convey your love for others.

Quality time

If you enjoy nothing more than spending time with others, you can update your bedroom with this angle in mind. Whether your friends are always popping into your home for a catch-up or you have an endless stream of relatives who come to stay, you can design your bedroom – and your guest bedroom – in a way that's warm and welcoming.

Invest in lounge chairs in which you and your loved ones can sit when in your room. You can also get a practical pull-out bed that can be used for last-minute guests – perfect for those moments when you're hankering after some time with your best friend, and it gets too late to for them to head home.

Acts of service

Do you always consider other people's needs before your own? If so, it's likely that acts of service are your love language.

This means that you're the perfect host, always making sure that your guests are comfortable at all times. If you're revamping the spare bedroom, this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate your love language into the space by introducing cosy bedroom designs. Add soft textures, fluffy cushions and pillows, and create a cosy seating area. Consider the lighting here, too. Make it soft and soothing so that your guests can settle into a good night's sleep.

That said, don't forget yourself, either. Spend some time making your own bedroom as relaxing as possible. This one can be an act of service for yourself!

Physical touch

This love language is all about being close to people and cosying up to those you care about. Again, the focus here can be on making the room as cosy and snuggly as possible. This will make spending time in your bedroom an enjoyable, soothing experience.

As well as incorporating soft furnishings, such as throws, blankets and cushions, you could also focus on the colour scheme here. Keeping everything soft and neutral will make this the ideal sanctuary where you can cuddle up with someone you love.


Is giving gifts your go-to way to show someone you care for them? And is receiving gifts the one way that other people can win your affections? If this sounds familiar, it's likely that you're nostalgic and have a lot of trinkets that you've been given over the years.

Celebrating special moments and holding on to keepsakes is important to you. This might mean that your room has become a little cluttered. To keep your belongings safe and to make sure your bedroom is organised, consider investing in storage solutions to give your gifts the home they deserve. Shelves, drawers and fitted furniture are all ideal additions – and there are options for all of them even if space is at a premium or the angles are awkward.

Words of affirmation

Being told words of encouragement is very important to you. This means that you try to surround yourself with positivity, so you might opt to add wall art filled with inspirational quotes to the walls of your bedroom, perfect for helping you soothe your mind before settling into sleep and ideal for giving you an affirmative boost to begin your day.

If your bedroom is the place where friends and loved ones come to have deep and meaningful chats with you, you'll also want to make this a pace where they can sit back and open up. Add some seats or beanbags to make this a cosy, laidback room where everyone can share their thoughts.

Use your love language to design your bedroom with Hammonds

How we express ourselves in conversation and behaviour with those closest to us has a direct connection to how we'd like to use our spaces. If you've never before paid much thought to your own love language, making changes to your living spaces is a good time to consider what it could mean for you.

If you're looking for interior design ideas for your bedroom and are keen on using these key aspects of your personality to help you create your dream bedroom, we can help. Book a free design visit with our team of experts today to incorporate your own love language into your bedroom.

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