Make a great first impression with these modern hallway décor ideas


Your hallway is so often the first part of your home that visitors see, and you know what they say about a lasting impression… The entranceway will set the standard for interior flair through the rest of the house, making it so important to get right.

Hallways can often be overlooked with our focus set on rooms like the kitchen or bedroom when sprucing up our interior. However, if guests have to walk through a cluttered hallway to get there, it can take away from how good these well-designed rooms look.

That's why this space should be made a priority and we've got the hallway decorating ideas you need to set the tone for the rest of the house and wow guests whenever they enter your home.


Create a seating area 

After a long day at work or a lengthy drive for a guest, bending over to untie shoelaces may feel like a chore. The addition of a seat, however, provides the perfect spot to take off your shoes and place them neatly next to it, instead of just kicking them off and leaving them where they land.

Go for smart options, like a bench that doubles as storage. Shoes can then be placed under the seat, helping to remove clutter in the entryway of your home. Plus, you'll always know where your shoes are, which makes it a great modern hallway storage idea.


Experiment with flooring 

Choosing the right flooring is one of the most important decisions to make when redesigning your hallway. Our shoes can trail in anything from mud to water and plenty in between, so an easy-to-clean floor is a must.

With that being said, you'll still want to have a stylish design and chevron flooring or stunning tiles can make a real statement. Choosing a hard-wearing material like wood or laminate means you won't have to sacrifice practicality for style, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds in your hallway space.


Add surfaces with a console table

You can add a contemporary wow factor using a long console table that extends the length of your hallway. This is a great idea if you're looking for modern hallway décor that adds a chic design for you and your guests to enjoy.

The console table can then be used to add personal touches to your hallway with features like a statement vase filled with bright flowers or add family photos to make the space feel more homely.


Keep clutter at bay with understairs storage 

Clutter can impact any room and there are plenty of things you should keep out of your hallway to make it clutter-free. However, with 4.5 million Brits currently lacking storage space in their property, keeping clutter at bay can feel like a challenge.

That's why clever storage solutions under the stairs are a great hallway decorating idea. This lets you hide your items out of sight and in an organised manner, making the most out of space that would otherwise go unused. Plus, contemporary understairs storage can look great too, enhancing your new hallway style further.


Throw down a cosy rug 

Taking your shoes off and walking on a cosy rug is a feeling like no other when you want to rest tired feet. But a rug can also serve design purposes, injecting a modern look and provide a focal point when someone enters your home.

Rugs are more than just a stylish addition to your hallway, though. They can elongate your space to create the illusion that it's bigger than it actually is. It's also one of the ways you can make your home feel warmer, which is especially important through the cold, winter months.


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