Make the most of the space in your studio apartment

Make the most of the space in your studio apartment

Are you wondering how to make your studio apartment look bigger? If you feel like your home has so much potential and you're looking for inspiration, check out our tips designed to help make your apartment feel more spacious.

Maximise your storage

Clutter can make any space feel smaller. However, in a studio apartment every inch of floor space is needed, so consider how to keep on top of things. Try adding clever storage ideas for your small studio apartment that are likely to work well in the space you have.

To stash away your belongings out of sight, add shelving so that your things aren't taking up countertops and side tables. Standalone furniture, such as an ottoman that doubles as storage and seating, is a great solution. However, for something that slots seamlessly into your apartment, fitted furniture is a stylish yet practical addition that can keep everything out of the way. Fitted wardrobes for awkward spaces are a great way to make use of what you have.

Adopt a minimalistic approach

Take things back to basics by adopting a minimalistic approach when it comes to your décor. Dark colours and busy furniture can make a room seem smaller than it is. Instead, think carefully about the décor you choose. Opt for furniture in light colours to brighten your apartment. Do away with surplus pieces of furniture and be strategic about where you place things like seating and side tables in the apartment.

For this minimalistic approach, every element you introduce must have a purpose. Utility is one of the main drivers to maximising the space.

Make the most of natural light

As well as choosing minimalistic furniture, make sure you place it in a way that allows natural light in. Natural light can make a room appear larger, so move items like sofas and beds around to ensure nothing is blocking the windows.

Also, create an airy space by making the most of your windows. Switch dark, heavy curtains for lighter alternatives or invest in blinds that can be easily drawn upwards during the daytime.

Hang large wall mirrors

Now that your windows are clear, you can think about other ways to introduce light into the room. Mirrors create the illusion of space and reflect light. Try hanging a large wall mirror opposite your window and you'll see how the dimensions of the apartment seem bigger.

Choose a mirror that complements the style and feel of your apartment. There are lots of designs available, from quirky oval-shaped mirrors to classic rectangular styles. Take the time to source one that's the perfect fit for your home. 

Opt for neutral walls

Dark wall colours can make a small room feel cramped, so try to paint in colours that are more likely to reflect the light in your studio apartment. Decorating ideas can take inspiration from the neutrals that are set to be big in 2024, such as gold-infused wheatfield. These serve as a contrast to the greys that have dominated home interiors in recent years, adding a warm tone to walls.

If you want to play it safe, white or cream walls are a classic choice that serve as a basis for the rest of your décor. You could then choose to add splashes of colour throughout your apartment through your furniture and accessories instead. 

Maximise space with Hammonds

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