Neutral bedroom design ideas that appeal to everyone

Neutral bedroom design ideas that appeal to everyone

Looking for neutral bedroom ideas for the whole family to enjoy? Check out these decor ideas and design something that everyone will love!

Whether you’re designing a guest room or your own relaxed retreat, neutral bedroom design keeps everyone happy. This style guide will outline the key characteristics of neutral bedrooms, from colour to furniture, to storage and neutral bedroom décor ideas.


Choose neutral bedroom colours

Colour can be the most impactful visual element in any room.

It’s important to stick with simple undertones when creating a neutral bedroom space in order to avoid any garish shades that might put guests off. Keep things subtle with calming white, cream, grey or light pastel shades.

Neutral bedroom colours can open up the space and create a calm atmosphere. It’s also easier to find furniture that compliments this colour scheme, as once you’ve decided on something bold you might struggle to find the right shade of the same colour to fit the rest of the room.

By keeping your bedroom light with neutral colours, you give the illusion of more space and open up the area, allowing a breathable and tranquil place to relax and rest.

Avoid darker, rich colours that could bring the walls in and make the space seem smaller.

Add decoration to give the room character and focus, but don’t go overboard as too many posters and paintings can become claustrophobic and could give the opposite effect.


Experiment with patterns and textures

Once you’ve decided on a style and theme for your loft bedroom, try introducing different patterns and textures in the form of soft furnishings. A spotty or squiggly patterned set of bed linen is cute and fun, perfect for a younger child or teenager’s bedroom. For patterns targeted at older audiences, try a paisley or checked print bedding, or even jacquard prints to add a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Try a few different patterns to add dimension to the room but avoid clashing designs or having too many in one space.


Avoid Clutter with built-in storage

Fitted wardrobes are a great way to make use of an empty wall and can also combine as a full-length mirror, meaning you’d save more space than if you were to have both separately. These wardrobes are a lot sleeker and are made to measure so can fit against almost any wall space that you have available.

Having this storage space will allow you to have your shoes, clothing and other gadgets safely stored away and provide a clear, open space to work with for the rest of your room.


Choose relaxed furniture

The type of furniture you include can make or break a neutral bedroom. Remember to keep it consistent with matching bedroom furniture and if it doesn’t serve a purpose, you probably don’t need it! Less is more with this one.

Think about colours that work well together and consider space-saving items like a foldaway desk or something that can be multipurpose to save you from buying extra furniture if you don’t have the space for it.

Once you’ve decided on a colour scheme, remember to stick with it. Using sleek surfaces and clean-cut shapes will create a well-uniformed bedroom full of structure and carefully considered design elements. Having a definitive direction of where you want to go with your bedroom furniture means that you won’t end up with any pieces that stick out like a sore thumb.

Add pops of colour and personality

Finally, make the bedroom yours. Personalise it with your favourite items and add your own unique flair to the place. After all, you will be spending the most time there so it has to appeal to your needs and desires.

Having comforting features such as photos of friends, family, or pets, or a favourite teddy or blanket will help you to settle into your newly decorated bedroom and enjoy the space you have created.

You can even get creative and decorate open wall space with your own artwork, making the space distinctive and fully unique to you. If you’re considering this idea remember to carefully plan out the design first and use a projector to trace a template out onto the wall for you to follow. 

If you’d like some expert help with deciding on neutral bedroom ideas while designing your new room, contact us to book in for a design visit and we’ll help make your neutral bedroom dreams become a reality.

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