Organising space in a children's spare bedroom

Organising space in a children's shared bedroom

Sharing a room can be an enjoyable experience for siblings, strengthening bonds to encourage strong future relationships. However, twice the people, possessions and furniture can soon make this shared space crowded.

Whether you're navigating limited space, differing tastes or the need for multifunctional areas, we're here to provide our top tips for organising your children's shared bedroom, creating a harmonious environment for everyone.

Optimise the layout

The right layout can make a significant difference in how spacious and practical the room feels. You should begin by measuring the room, as understanding the dimensions and fixed elements helps you plan a layout that maximises the space.

Creating distinct zones for sleeping, studying and playing can help keep the room organised and functional. You can use furniture placement, rugs or different wall colours to separate these areas.

Start a sleeping zone by positioning the beds along one wall, using bunk beds, or arranging them in an L-shape to free up more floor space. For studying, place a desk and chair in a well-lit area, preferably near a window. For playing, designate an open floor space or corner for toys and activities.

Multi-functional children's bedroom furniture is key. Look for pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as foldable desks, bunk beds with built-in storage, and storage ottomans. Make sure to embrace symmetry when laying out this furniture so each child has an equal share of the space.

Set boundaries

When considering shared bedroom ideas, it's important to set clear boundaries to ensure each child enjoys autonomy and individuality. Having boundaries helps to minimise conflict, encourage respect, and promote a sense of security.

Begin by assigning specific areas or items to each child to help them establish their personal space. Each of them should have their own sleeping area and storage options so they can keep their belongings organised and separate.

Physical dividers can create a visual separation to make this clear. Suitable options include foldable room dividers, curtains or canopies, bookshelves and cabinets.

Use vertical space

It's easy to open up more room on the floor by making use of vertical space. Utilising the height of the room can help create an organised and spacious environment.

Tall shelving units are perfect for storing books, toys and decorative items. Floating shelves can keep the floor clear, while adjustable shelving can be moved to accommodate different items as your children's needs change.

Hanging storage options can help keep the space clutter-free and ensure belongings are within easy reach. Consider using fabric wall pockets, hooks and pegboards, or hanging baskets to implement decorative storage solutions to your children's bedroom.

If you're still struggling for additional floor space, consider fitting an innovative over-bed wardrobe from Hammonds. With multiple compartments perfect for storing clothes, shoes and other personal items, this storage unit can be seamlessly integrated with the room's existing décor.

Customised storage

Tailoring storage to meet your children's specific needs and preferences can maximise space and encourage them to keep their room tidy. Personalised solutions can create an orderly and efficient shared bedroom, enhancing the functionality and allowing kids to take responsibility for their belongings.

Built-in storage, such as wardrobes, integrated shelving and window seats, is a fantastic way to utilise every nook and cranny of the shared space. Fitted wardrobes with customised interiors can help to separate the clothes and shoes of each child, too.

You could also incorporate hidden storage to keep the room looking clean and neat. There are benches with lift-up seats or drawers that provide hidden compartments, or mirrors that feature hidden cabinets for those smaller items that need a home.

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