Our 2024 interior design predictions


With new interiors ‘trends’ popping up what feels like every week, it's difficult to know which are the ones that are here to stay. 

To help, we have looked at search data (what people are looking for on Google) to help us predict which are the most up and coming trends of 2024, and which 2023 trends we expect to see sticking around for a little longer. 


Dark Maximalism 

Interest trend data shows a 600% spike in the past three months for the search term ‘dark maximalism’. Dark maximalism is a particular branch of maximalism which focuses on a dark, moody colour palette of black and gemstone colours such as ruby red, emerald, and sapphire. 

This style can easily get messy if not curated properly. To create a sense of cohesion in a dark maximalist environment, try adding hard finishes using wood and marble. These can help balance out the saturated colours and patterns.   

Ultimately, a dark maximalist décor will appear heavy, whilst simultaneously looking rich and purposeful. 


One of the best things about dark maximalist design is that there should be no empty, awkward spaces, every area is designed to be maxed out with rich décor.  


Quiet Luxury 


Prioritising quality furniture and a minimal colour palette of creams, beige, white and browns, quiet luxury is all about creating a timeless and traditional interior. 

Sometimes confused with minimalism, when quiet luxury is done correctly, it is something entirely different. Instead of the ‘less is more’ principal of minimalism, quiet luxury design is created by layers and dimension achieved through monochromatic neutral tones and good quality, unique furniture. 

Our top tip would be to pick individual pieces for your home, instead of matching furniture sets. The more personalised, the better! Think uniquely when crafting the design of each room, ensuring it doesn’t look straight out of a catalogue. Try vintage shopping or go bespoke for pieces that ooze great craftmanship and quality. 

This trend has boomed in popularity, in fact, Google Trends Data shows a 100% increase in searches for ‘quiet luxury décor' in the past three months. 


Trompe L’oeil 

Trompe L’oeil is the perfect design hack if you’re looking to add character or an interesting talking point to your home. This traditional technique of painting 3D murals onto a 2D space creates an optical illusion. 

This technique takes immense artistic skill to do by hand, however, a more modern and easier way to achieve this look is with wallpaper. Trompe L’oeil style wallpapers that offer the illusion of a window, will bring an element of the outdoors, in. 

This trend will make you say goodbye to your lateral thinking and embrace something a little more unique. 

We found that, searches for the term ‘Trompe L’oeil’ have risen 23% in the past three months showing that despite being coined in the 17th century, this design style is up and coming in the 21st century. 


Biophilic Design 

Design inspired by nature and sustainably are two of the best ways to describe biophilic design.  


A huge part of Biophilic design is the incorporation of natural light through tall windows, to invite the outside elements into your home, providing a sense of openness. If you don’t have the luxury of plenty of natural light, incorporate large mirrors within your interior to reflect any light, giving the appearance of a bigger, brighter space. 


If you’d like your space to feel more biophilic, start by introducing a colour palette of shades of green, dark reds and brown. Once the colour scheme is set in place, make sure to include as many furniture pieces made from natural elements as possible. Examples include clay, stone, cork and wooden finishes. 


Modern Farmhouse 

This is a trend that we have seen crop up year after year, which shows no sign of going anywhere soon. 

The colour palette for modern farmhouse is light and airy, with muted and pastel colours, making room for plenty of white and cream in between. In fact, searches for ‘pastel colours’ has 22,200 average monthly Google searches and a whopping 31 million TikTok searches, perhaps hinting towards newer trends taking a bit of inspiration from modern farmhouse. 

Picking the correct patterns is essential if you want to nail the modern farmhouse style. Some of the most popular patterns include floral and botanical inspired pieces as well as checkered and stripe patterns. These patterns can be incorporated into your home as feature wallpapers, but don’t neglect using them in your soft furnishings like cushions and bed spread. 


Shabby Chic 

Now, if you were into interior design back in 80’s and 90’s, you will know that shabby chic was everywhere. It appears now, the French inspired faux antique look is making a comeback with 5,400 monthly Google searches and a whopping 174 million TikTok searches. 

In terms of colour palette this trend focuses on creamy whites, pastels, and soft neutrals. The Dulux colour of the year 2024 titled ‘Sweet Embrace’ is the perfect example of this.  This soft, baby pink is warming and calming. 

The more modern, 2024 take on shabby chic will focus more on romantic style, with wall mouldings and pastel floral wallpapers - think traditional Parisian décor. 

Although it’s been some people’s interior style of choice for years, with average of 5,400 monthly Google searches for ‘shabby chic’, we think that the younger generations may just only be discovering it. 

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