Our bedroom ins and outs for 2024


The new year is here, which means it’s time to discuss our bedroom ins and outs for 2024. With old favourites making a comeback and classic trends on their way out, how will you design your bedroom this year? 

Here at Hammonds, we have compiled some of our top tips for transforming your bedroom to create a space that is unique to you while keeping up with the hottest trends.


IN: Bed skirts

Stylish and functional, bed skirts are rising in popularity again within interior design circles as there is a shift back towards more traditional décor trends.

Adding a bed skirt allows you to experiment with different bedroom colour scheme ideas and fabrics, without having to drastically overhaul the entire room. As a bonus, they are a sleek way to disguise the space under your bedframe which you may use for storage.

Particularly in the colder months, adding a bed skirt can give your bedroom an extra level of cosiness. Deep, earthy tones go particularly well in a room with hardwood flooring.


IN: Natural materials

One of the latest bedroom trends growing in popularity is a move towards natural materials.

Opting for materials such as woven fabrics, rattan furniture and rustic wood can bring a calming and welcoming energy to your bedroom, while also maintaining a luxurious feel.

Fitted wooden sliding wardrobes can be made bespoke to fit your bedroom and are a great way of incorporating natural materials while saving space and keeping the room clutter-free.

We recommend choosing muted tones and organic fabrics in deep greens and browns to emphasise the naturalistic aesthetic and complement your bedroom furniture. To really bring the space to life, you could adorn your furniture or shelving with luscious green plants such as ferns or philodendrons.


IN: Fabric headboards

If you are looking to create a sense of drama and elegance in your bedroom, why not add a fabric headboard?

You can get fabric headboards in a range of opulent materials such as crushed velvet or chenille. They offer a simple way to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom without the need for vast amounts of upholstery.

Want to add a splash of colour and excitement to your bedroom with little effort? Choosing a fabric headboard in a quirky pattern means you can completely change the dynamic of your space without having to redecorate.


OUT: Industrial design

Once the go-to décor for interior designers, the industrial design trend has seen better days. Materials such as exposed brick, concrete flooring and metal finishings are leaving rooms feeling cold and outdated and lacking warmth and originality.

At Hammonds, we feel that 2024 is all about making homes feel cosy and comforting, while still maintaining a level of sophistication.

If you are thinking about bedroom organisation ideas as you shift away from industrial-style open bookcases and floating shelving, why not add a luxurious ottoman at the foot of your bed? This will soften the room while also helping you utilise space and keep your bedroom tidy.


OUT: Shutters

Although they bring a level of chicness to a room, shutters can equally make bedrooms feel impersonal and lacking depth.

If you want to bring a cosier feel to your bedroom, long and heavy curtains will do that. Thick materials will also help to better insulate your bedroom, keeping you warm and comfortable during the winter months.


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