Scandinavian living room ideas for a cosy and ordered space

Scandinavian living room ideas for a cosy and ordered space

Inspired by the countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, Scandinavian interior design combines order and functionality with cosiness and charm.

Scandinavian living rooms ideas have increased in popularity in recent years as people aim to create social spaces that are minimal, calm and welcoming for all the family to gather.

We’ll introduce you to some ideas on how to create a Scandinavian-style living room so you can enjoy the benefits of this contemporary, practical, and cool interior design theme.

Subtle colours

Scandinavian interior design puts a big emphasis on living spaces that are open, light and bright. The idea is that there is plenty of room to relax and move around without feeling too cramped.

A good place to start is by choosing a colourway that is calming and neutral. Use a base of grey or shades of white to maximise light, then take inspiration from natural landscapes when it comes to furniture and accessories with hints of green, mustard and amber to add warmth and texture.

Consider using boxing techniques when decorating, meaning that everything in the room is painted the same colour – walls, ceilings, shelving and skirting boards included.

Quality, well-crafted furniture

In keeping with the Scandinavian traditions of artisan craftsmanship, invest in high-quality pieces of living room furniture that are attractive, functional and built to stand the test of time.

Natural wooden furniture is key to creating a Scandinavian living room, so consider bespoke wooden cabinets, bookshelves and storage units for a big nod towards this trend. Wooden coffee tables and footstools complement the theme perfectly and don’t be afraid to mix and match different wood types for a contrast of natural beauty.

In a similar approach, choose sofas and living room chairs that have a modern and natural look, remaining simple and not too glitzy or ornate. Make use of natural fabric sofas, such as cotton or linen, and select muted colours such as pale grey, beige or pastel.

Storage cubes, shoe racks, floating shelves and media organisers can all help increase function in your home, as well as add chic design elements to the space.

Lots of lighting

Due to their long, harsh, dark winters, Scandinavians try to create as much light as possible in their homes using other sources.

Consider a mix of pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps to use alongside each other, bringing a cosy ambience to your living space, especially when it comes to socialising and entertaining in the winter months.

Use lightweight blinds instead of heavy curtains so natural daylight has a chance to enter or opt for shutters in bay windows that can be left open during the day and closed later at night.

Candles, roaring fires and fairy lights offer extra ways to add light and warmth, as well as help harness that hygge vibe.

Textures for cosiness

Despite being minimal at heart, Scandinavian interiors are by no means cold or clinical. The true Scandi style focuses on extreme comfort and relaxation for everyone inside the home.

Therefore, against the coolness of pale-coloured walls and Scandinavian-style furniture, you can add warmth using lots of layers and texture. Add soft furnishings to your living room that make you feel happy and warm inside. Think plush blankets piled up on top of one another, thick shag pile rugs on wooden floors and large, soft sofa cushions to snuggle up against with a mug of hot cocoa.

If you have a fireplace, make it a big feature of the room and arrange sofas and armchairs to be facing towards it. The cosier the better!

Bonus Scandinavian living room ideas

Once you have mastered the basics of how to create a Scandinavian-style living room, it’s all down to the small details.

Here are some final ideas to finish the look off:

  • Sprinkle candles and diffusers around the room to create a relaxing ambience
  • Incorporate nature with houseplants, greenery & floral displays
  • Create cosy reading corners and places to sit and enjoy views outside
  • Leave hot water bottles and slippers nearby to make things even comfier
  • Think eco and sustainable wherever possible

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