Sleep Well in Muggy Weather

Sleep Well in Muggy Weather

Some parts of the country could reach as high as 35 degrees C during this week, which means sticky, restless nights ahead. Read our tips below to get the best night’s sleep during the hot weather (and rejoice for the coming weekends cooler breeze).

Be organised

A well-known phrase of Hammonds is ‘an organised life is a happy life’, and it can impact everything, including your sleep. Ensuring everything has a place can help you create a useful wind down routine, helping you relax into your sleep.  

Thin, dreamy sheets and pyjamas

Thin cotton sheets and pyjamas are best for this type of weather. They’re breathable and they take any moisture away from your skin – rather than creating a layer of moisture between you and your sheets. You could also look at switching from a duvet to sheets during this time of year.

Points to cool off

Did you know you have certain areas on your body which help control your body temperature? Using a mist of water, freezer or ice packs, or even menthol sticks on the back of your neck, the back of your knees, wrists or face can help you keep cool. Keeping hydrated throughout the day will help your body maintain a cooler body temperature.

Make your own breeze

Electric fans are recommended to make your own breeze, especially if you’re keeping your windows and curtains closed during the day. If moving the air isn’t enough, putting a roasting tray of ice cubes in front of the fan can help mimic air conditioning, and push cooler air round the room. If possible, sleeping downstairs will help you feel cooler.

Slow down!

It’s a well-known fact that what you do before trying to doze off can make all the difference. Ban screens to make you sleepy, having a lukewarm shower can help your body kickstart the cooling process, and we’ve even heard having spicy food at least three hours before bed can help cool you down! Doing less before bed will help you relax, unwind, and you’ll be naturally cooler too.

Remember to drink plenty throughout the heatwave, and where possible avoid being outside during the day - this will help you when you're trying to doze of at night. 

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