Stylish plant arrangement ideas

If you are looking to inject a breath of fresh air into your home, adding a range of indoor houseplants could be just what you need.

Not only do they purify the air and lower your stress levels but experimenting with different types of plants and where to place them lets you get creative too.

In this article, we will share some of the best house plants for homes. Plus, our favourite arrangement ideas to help you update your décor while ensuring your home remains stylish.


Table centrepiece

Dining tables are one of the focal points in any home. No matter your chosen aesthetic, a simple and affordable way to elevate your dining experience could be to add a lush, green centrepiece.

Paired with a chic table runner and a stunning pot, a striking evergreen houseplant such as a leafy palm or a fern will grab attention and make mealtimes that much more visually appealing. And if you wish, you can leave your plant on the dining table when it's not in use as a 24/7 decoration.


Mix and match

How you style your house plants can make all the difference, so experimenting with the pots and hangers you use is a fun and inventive way to keep things interesting around your home.

Depending on your chosen décor in each room, you can accentuate this by adding pops of colour and interesting patterns by picking standout plant pots to adorn your shelves or coffee tables.

As the weeks and months pass, a simple way to mix things up could be to swap the pots and plants from room to room. Plants that have previously sat in your bedroom could bring an entirely new dimension to your living room, for example.


Use storage solutions

Storage solutions are key to keeping your home aesthetically pleasing and clutter-free. Dressing up your living furniture, like the bespoke fitted pieces available at Hammonds, with beautiful foliage can bring your rooms to life without sacrificing space and practicality.

You could opt to hang a delicate string of pearls from a bookcase shelf, or combining groups of succulents in stylish pots could be a beautiful way to dress a fireplace or television unit.


Overhead planters

Hanging plants are a simple yet effective way to add a splash of colour to your room, especially if you are short of space for plants to sit on worktops or side tables.

Consider purchasing an overhead planter to function as a focal point in a room, where you can have fun experimenting with house plant arrangements. Overhead planters come in a range of styles and sizes so you can be sure to find one to accentuate your chosen décor, no matter where this may be in your house.

Furthermore, you could elevate the impact of the planter by adorning it with fairy lights and hanging it above your dining table or your bed.


Varying heights

You may have the odd corner here and there in your home that currently sits unused, but you don’t necessarily want to add another piece of furniture to the room. If this is the case, consider displaying plants of varying heights and textures to add a sculptural element to your greenery.

You can find an array of planters that can stand freely on the floor with staggered trays to place your house plants, which you could combine with a stand-out palm or fiddle leaf fig.

For larger house plants that are on the floor, opting for a woven, patterned basket can add a stylish touch instead of a traditional ceramic or plastic pot.


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