The ultimate guide to designing a serene attic bedroom

The ultimate guide to designing a serene attic bedroom

Attic bedrooms can be tricky to get right, but the rewards are huge when you pull them off. Of all the rooms in the house, an attic bedroom feels the furthest from the hustle and bustle. Feel cosy as you listen to the rain tap on the roof or spend time enjoying the views – even if it’s just of the local rooftops.

However, you’ll probably have to contend with sloping ceilings, unusual proportions and limited space. With some clever tips and hacks, though, you can create a little sanctuary.

Read on for some of our best modern attic bedroom ideas.

Let there be light

If you’re still in the exciting design stage, you should spend some time working out how to bring as much light into the room as possible. Velux windows and skylights are tried and tested and always work well.

If you have some wall space, you could go for floor-to-ceiling doors with a Juliet balcony. Alternatively, you could supersize your Velux and go for one that opens to form a little balcony. If you want to add a bit more head height, you could also install a dormer window. Many of these require planning permission in some form, so check before you start work.

Think luxury

All bedrooms need a touch of luxury, so go for a variety of textures when you choose your accessories and soft furnishings. Quilted throws, linen bedding and scatter cushions are the perfect combination. Add a scent diffuser and a reading light to your bedside table and you could be in one of the finest hotels.

When it comes to flooring, a soft rug beside the bed makes getting up in the morning a much more pleasant experience. Super soft sheepskin or Berber rugs will keep you bang on trend.

Go low

Although a high bed might look great, they don’t always work in attic rooms when the ceiling is likely to be a little on the low side. Choose a bed frame that sits close to the ground – some companies even make loft-specific beds that have a particularly low platform.

It means you can lay in bed comfortably without feeling hemmed in. Just make sure to take care to style your bedding well. Throws and cushions will ensure you don’t feel like you’re camping out.

Keep it simple

When it comes to creating a sense of space and serenity, this is the first rule in the interior design book. Don’t fill your room with loads of chests of drawers or mismatched furniture. Keep the lines simple and clean, and just include a few pieces you love.

Of course, simple doesn’t have to mean plain. If you want patterns on your soft furnishings, go for it. But try to keep to one or two complementary tones. You can also rely on a few carefully selected accessories to lift the space. A bold poster or painting, for example, and one statement house plant.

Make the most out of the space

Fitted wardrobes are often the only answer when it comes to small attic bedrooms. Ideas about big vintage pieces or tall locker room cabinets might sound nice, but when you’re dealing with eaves, alcoves and staircases it is always easier to go bespoke.

Our fitted wardrobes are made to measure and we are experts at knowing how to maximise tricky spaces. With a mix of shelving, hanging space and drawers, you can stay organised and keep your clutter out of sight.

Stick to light colours

If you’re going for serene, it’s best to keep your colour palette light and airy. White walls are a great canvas and will make any accessories or styling stand out. Opt for a warmer shade with pink undertones to keep things soft rather than cool.

If you can’t face white, though, what about one of the modern ‘greige’ paints? Somewhere between grey and beige, it is one of the more interesting neutrals and really easy to live with.

Hammonds can help create your attic bedroom

For help incorporating any of these modern attic bedroom ideas into your loft, book a design visit with one of our experts.

We can help you create a relaxing space with plenty of storage – perfect for a serene place to rest your head at the end of the day.

You bring the space, we bring the inspiration

Whether you have an exact vision in tow, or are just at the beginning stage of your home renovation, we have heaps of inspiration for you to get stuck into. 

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