Top tips for the ultimate bohemian master bedroom

Top tips for the ultimate bohemian master bedroom

The bohemian style has been a popular choice in the world of interior design for many years and is perfectly suited for a master bedroom. Find out how you can easily achieve this aesthetic in your own home as we share some of our bohemian bedroom décor top tips.

Neutral colour palette

Bohemian bedroom styles were once all about maximalism and eclectic décor with contrasting vibrant colours, but today's boho vibe is more understated. Taking a leaf out of the chic and minimalistic Scandinavian style, bohemian bedrooms are now all about creating a relaxed, calming atmosphere through a neutral colour palette.

Choose a soothing colour for your walls that won't overwhelm the space, such as warm whites, soft creams or beige. The same rule applies when it comes to your bedding, which you can turn into the focal point of your master bedroom by adding accessories such as throws and cushions to add a dash of bohemian flair.

Soft lighting

You want your master bedroom to be a cosy space where you can relax. Creating a tranquil haven is key when it comes to nailing the bohemian aesthetic, and choosing the right lighting plays a big part in this.

Opting for free-standing corner lamps with warm bulbs and delicate fairy lights, as opposed to a bright ceiling light, will help to create a relaxed ambience. You can also decorate your master bedroom with large candles and chic lanterns which will help you execute that perfect boho atmosphere.

Choose natural materials

The bohemian style is associated with getting away from the routines of everyday life and reconnecting with nature and sensory pleasures. Take inspiration from this when considering bohemian master bedroom ideas and focus on decorating your space with natural, tactile materials.

A combination of earthy textures and natural woods is key when it comes to décor. As boho chic is all about minimalism, you want to keep your bedroom free from clutter. Choosing to install wood effect fitted wardrobes from Hammonds will help you nail the boho aesthetic while also offering you a practical storage solution.

Mix and match accessories

As the rest of your bedroom will be pared back, adding accessories throughout the space will allow you to play with traditional elements of the bohemian vibe without overwhelming the bedroom.

Choose accessories in a range of textures, and patterns in warm, soft colours, such as burnt orange and deep reds, which will complement your neutral base. Aztec-patterned cushions, textured throws and rugs will add depth and comfort. Hang delicate accessories and fringed furnishings from walls and on the back of doors.

Create a botanical oasis

Bring the outside in by filling your bohemian master bedroom with beautiful houseplants of all shapes and sizes. Make a statement by adding a large fig plant to a wicker basket, and adorn your shelves, bookcases and windowsills with an array of delicate hanging plants such as a string of pearls or indoor ivy.

If you are short of space, you could choose to hang houseplants from the ceiling in woven macrame baskets, which will also add depth to the room. Just make sure they get plenty of natural light so they can flourish all year round.

Create a bohemian-style bedroom with Hammonds

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