What is the best colour to have in a bedroom?

What is the best colour to have in a bedroom?

No other interior design element has the power to change the feel of a room like colour can.

Whether it’s pops of colour with paintwork, bedding or artwork, it plays a huge role in our mood and happiness.

We look at which colours are best for bedrooms and discuss the feelings and connotations associated with particular shades.

Can colour affect mood and sleep?

Although scientific research on this topic is limited, some experts suggest rooms painted in certain shades create a more tranquil atmosphere for sleep and are therefore the best colours to have in a bedroom.

Similarly, the same experts suggest that other shades are the worst colours to have in a bedroom as they are negative, boring or even depressing!

As always, be guided by your personal preferences, experiences and lifestyle. If you have a colour that feels particularly calming to you, go for that.


Blue is one of the most popular choices for bedroom colours thanks to its calming and peaceful connotations. Soft blues work well for a bright and calming space, but if it’s a dark blue you prefer, use this shade for small, decorative pieces so as not to overwhelm the whole aesthetic. White accessories and colourful bedding also help to balance blues for a relaxing place to chill after a busy day.


Green denotes nature and all the mental and physical benefits that come with it. Incorporate green through paintwork, furniture or bedding, and use natural wood elements and houseplants to complement the look. Finish with decorative pots or even bamboo to complete your natural haven.

Yellows and oranges

As long as they’re used carefully, yellows and oranges communicate happiness and can mimic sunshine if natural light is limited. These refreshing and vibrant colours can be overbearing, though, so feature them in accessories like wall art, throws or a single statement wall to limit anything too drastic. Muted oranges like apricot or peach are a great choice for a master bedroom and opt for neutral, calming colours like white or pale grey elsewhere in the room.

Whites and creams

Simple and timeless, neutral wall shades such as white, cream and beige create bright and airy spaces. It makes them some of the best colours to have in a bedroom. White is synonymous with spas and treatment rooms, so would seem perfect for master bedrooms and guest rooms too. 

Shades of white act as a base for experimentation with patterns and pops of colour too. If you feel the room seems too stark or bare, add cushions, rugs, and blankets for warmth and comfort.

Light grey

A balancing shade of soft grey brings an instant feeling of ease, which is a key ingredient for a peaceful bedroom. White frames and pastel pillows complement light grey well, bringing an ethereal, dreamy quality to the space, but also lots of versatility.


Pink is an on-trend, flexible bedroom colour that sparks energy. Choose pastel pinks rather than Barbie-style shades to stop a space from feeling childish. A blush pink exudes femininity and chicness and pairs nicely with blue tones and even bright red for an unexpected contrast.


Nothing brings instant joy like coral does. Add a bright gallery wall and finish off with a trimming of dark grey. Adding cooler neutrals in bedding and accents will bring the whole piece together.


If it’s a regal and luxury environment you’re looking for, lilac and purple are great shades. Used in just the right doses they create a calming effect that will instantly impact your mood. Sticking to a colour palette of muted pastels is key and adding contrasting textures, shapes and finishes will be easy on the eye.


Affluence, success and wealth are associated with gold, but it’s important to use only a little. Think gold frames, lamps and clocks. Equally, gold upholstery and illustrated wallpaper work just as well.


Terracotta isn't just for plant pots. A large statement piece of art will help break up this warm, dark colour. Perfect for anyone who likes to experiment but is nervous about bold brights and playful pastels.

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