Which plants are good for the bedroom?

Which plants are good for the bedroom?

Adding a few green touches to your bedroom can make the space feel lush and vibrant, but which houseplants are best suited to the bedroom environment?


Which plants are good for the bedroom?

Houseplants can give whichever room they are in a little lift, bursting through with luscious shades of green and leaves in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some plants thrive when soaking up the sun by windows, while others prefer the darker, more humid spots in the home.

Adding plants to your bedroom can have several beneficial effects, especially when you pick the right ones that suit the bedroom environment. You can find a breakdown of what benefits houseplants can have in your bedroom and how to choose the right ones below.


What are the benefits of having plants in your bedroom?

Some of the benefits of having houseplants in your bedroom can include:

  • A general mood-boosting effect
  • Creating an effective wellbeing space
  • Regulation of humidity within a space
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased feelings of creativity
  • Helping you to feel more productive

The last two points aren’t typical things you’d associate with bedroom spaces. But, as many of us may now have desks in our bedrooms for home working, houseplants can have advantages for that side of things too.

Houseplants are also supposedly able to filter air pollutants in their environment, although research on houseplants has differed in its results over the years. While they do have an effect, good airflow within your bedroom will likely have better results. There are still a wide range of other benefits to including houseplants within your bedroom.


Is it safe?

Are you wondering whether you should have plants in your bedroom? The answer is yes – if you want them.

While plants can release small amounts of carbon dioxide at night, the levels for this to be dangerous would require a very large number of houseplants in a single area. Plus, pets and other people who you may share your bedroom with will release more CO2 during the night than houseplants could.

Carbon dioxide isn’t especially dangerous unless in large quantities and it shouldn’t be confused with carbon monoxide, which can be deadly in smaller amounts.


Bedroom plant ideas

Picking the right plants for your bedroom is a matter of knowing three main things about each plant:

  • How much light do they need?
  • How often should they be watered?
  • What do they look like?

This will allow you to find the proper place to put your plant pots as well as understand the level of care they’ll require. Some can also have a few extra surprising attributes which can make them appealing options for bedroom plants.


English Ivy
  • Moderate light levels
  • Regular watering

A beautiful trailing plant that can take over areas of your bedroom, English Ivy can be a brilliant feature in your room when cared for properly and allowed to let its tendrils flow from up high. This is one houseplant that benefits from being placed in a hanging basket.


Spider Plant
  • Moderate to bright light levels
  • Occasional watering

Whether you place this in a hanging planter or allow it to thrive from a plant pot, spider plants are hardy bedroom plant options. Once you’ve been able to care for it a while, it can require less attention to maintain its gorgeous variegated leaves.


Rubber Plant
  • Moderate to low light levels
  • Occasional watering

The rubber plant has deep emerald leaves and requires relatively low maintenance in order to flourish in your bedroom. A crucial thing to bear in mind is to allow the plants to dry between waterings – which is great if you forget about it for a little while.


Peace Lily
  • Moderate to bright light levels
  • Regular watering

For those who want a more visually appealing plant to act as a centrepiece within their bedroom, the pearly white flowers and vibrant verdant leaves of a peace lily present a fantastic answer. Keep its soil moist and ensure it gets the right amount of indirect sunlight – also make sure it’s out of the way of children and pets and it’s poisonous when eaten.


Areca Palm
  • Bright light levels
  • Regular watering

This tropical leafy gem is best suited to bedrooms which get a lot of bright light, meaning you can properly care for a palm by popping it in an indirect spot and letting it bask in the warmth. Palms will typically grow taller before splaying outwards, so can be great options if you’ve got limited space to play with.


Accessorising your plants

Once you’ve settled on what plants you’d like to include in your room, you can take your bedroom plant ideas further by considering where they’d go. There are a few novel ways to place houseplants into your room, from having a cluster of large plant pots near your windows to hanging plant baskets.

Finding funky plant pots that match your décor and personality can make your plants feel like an integral part of your bedroom. It’s also a chance to pick up plant pots from independents, which can have a wider variety of styles than on the high street if you fancy something more unique.

Hanging plant pots can free up floor space and surfaces, putting your houseplants in prime position to get the right level of sunlight each day. Just make sure that you hang your houseplants away from areas you’ll be moving through often, otherwise you may bang into them and disturb your precious plants.

Struggling to find enough space in your bedroom to accommodate all your new plants as well as your other bedroom essentials? It’s worth considering organising a design visit to see how you can maximise your storage options and furnishings to achieve your ideal bedroom look, complete with homes for your houseplants.

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