b'WELLBEINGWhat a feeling! Three beautifully Feng Shui spacesThe best bedrooms dont just look good, they have a positiveThe look of a room is really energy that helps us spring outimportant, as our mind far prefers of bed in the morning.a clutter-free spaceWe asked Feng Shui expert Sarah McCallister how toSARAH MCALLISTER create a dreamy space thats brimming with good vibes. Feng Shui consultantSarah McAllisterin mind, so architects unwittingly putstimulating near entrances and wontsoft in the bedroom as bold colour issynthetic fibres, so your home feels is a Feng Shuibathrooms in the good energy areasencourage deep sleep.Well-designedtoo activating. You definitely want tomuch nicer and you dont get nastyLangton in Whiteconsultantand bedrooms where there are morefitted furniture is great, especially ifavoid a large amount of red, brightlittle shocks when touching a metal and author ofnegative vibes. Luckily, we can useits placed in the least favourable Fengorange or really bright green. Usuallydoor handle, for example.5D Wellbeing:interior design to improve energy flowShui part of a room so that you canpastels are preferred, so think aboutWill houseplants add toHow to Designand help us live, feel and sleep well. actively use the best part. Its alsoa palette of pale pink, stone, applethe positive feels?your Life and Home to Support yourideal for keeping surfaces clear. green, lilac, yellow or soft grey. Inner Luminosity. Find out more atSo for good Feng Shui, we shouldIts okay to have a few small fengshuiagency.com clear away our clutter? houseplants, but dont go full-on We know crystals and horoscopes jungle in the bedroom as the chi they are trending, and now the ancientThe look of a room is really important,create is too stimulating for restful design philosophy Feng Shui isas our mind far prefers a clutter-freesleep. Moth orchids and scented cut attracting more followers. Whats space. We also respond subconsciouslyflowers are idealchoose soft blooms, it all about? to the symbols around us, so makeTech vs nature: whats delicate training plants and ferns, notLangton in Light Pralinesure the pictures in your spacethe Feng Shui way? spiky plants or cacti. Feng Shui is about the movementDoes the position of the bed are positive and not paintings ofConnecting with nature is really Purify the airof energycalled chithroughor type of cupboards we have shipwrecks on stormy seas! It soundsimportant, so its best to avoid a space. I help clients optimise themake a difference? obvious but it is amazing what people and bring in goodparts of their home that containhave in their homes. technology in the bedroom (I advise feng shui.Definitely! A cardinal rule of Fengmy clients to stop watching TV or good energy connected to harmony,Shui is always to protect your back,looking at their phones late at night, love and abundance, and diagnosewhich means putting a bed so theres aas the blue light they give off can keep where the house might have negativesolid wall behind it. We want a nestingyou awake). Choose natural materials energy that can cause fighting oratmosphere, so try to position theWhat feelgood Feng Shui colours such as wood, wool and cotton, as they financial struggle. A lot of homesbed as far away from bedroom anddo you recommend? dont cause as much electro-static as arent built with Feng Shui principlesensuite doors because chi energy is tooYou want to keep your colour palette Marden in Dove GreyTHE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION|VOLUME 15 VOLUME 15 |THE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION 11'