b'REAL HOMESThe perfectSunday in bedWITH AMY NEVILLE, MODEL & BLOGGERMy bedroom has never been so organised and clutter free. Before I had fitted wardrobes there was never enough space to put things away tidily International model Amy NevilleHammonds designer they chose a triowardrobe. Everything is now hiddenGet the look.wanted her new, modern Londonof built in Willesley fitted wardrobesaway tidily. Will is really pleased too, home to look sleek, stylish and and matching bedside cabinets. it means we can relax in bed nowfinishingwell organised.Amy comments: I am naturally quitewithout feeling stressed about havingtouchesAfter seeking help from Hammonds tomessy so our bedroom was constantlyan untidy space. The matching bedside turn an empty bedroom into a bespokecluttered with clothes, randomly leftunits are the perfect finishing touch. walk-in-wardrobe, Amy booked aon the floor or piled up in a corner. ImHaving proper fitted wardrobes really second design visit to transform herso pleased with the wardrobes, theyvehas made all the differencemy new master bedroom, which she shares withtransformed our bedroom and offer aneighbours have all been around andRange: Willesley Colour: White fianc Will. With the assistance of alot more storage than a stand-alonecouldnt stop commenting on them!Handle: Traditional Pewter KnobExtras: Mirrored doorTHE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION|VOLUME 15 VOLUME 15 |THE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION 13'