b'REAL HOMESthought about. It all worked out perfectly. I love the open style of the dressing room and the corner wardrobe, they defi nitely made the most of the space. Im very pleased with the window seat. Peter suggested the drawers were movable, to use in the middle of the room as an island, or in front of the wardrobes as a seat while applying my makeup. I like the fl exibility, it works really well in my space.With my job as a model I get sent a lot of clothes and shoes and I am naturally quite messy, it was all getting on top of me. My room is now organised and clutter free, I truly love it and feel so much more chilled out. Amy comments: It was always my dream, growing up, to have a proper dressing room, full of bags, shoes and clothes, a space to get away from everything and relax.Now Ive created that space. I escape there, put music on and it feels like my little heaven. I was so impressed with everything Hammonds off ered from the beginning to the end. The design visit was brilliant, Peter French, the designer, gave excellent advice, he had great vision and suggested things I would never have Get the look.finishingtouchesRange: Willesley Colour: WhiteHandle: Modern Pewter Finish Upholstery: Vienna DoveVOLUME 14 |THE WELLBEING EDITION 13'