b'A moment of peaceMindfulness isnt all mantras and meditation. Introduce thoughtful MARIE moments to your daily routine to bring a sense of calm and clarity to HANNA everyday life.Theres a clear connection between our emotions and our environment. When our home is calm and uncluttered, it enhances our sense of wellbeingbut you dont need a roof-to-fl oor overhaulIn the kitchenIn the bedroomto feel the benefi ts. Focusing on yourWellbeing wake-up Rest-time ritualskitchen and bedroom is a great start, as these are the areas where you beginBreakfast times are better whenWe recommend a natural palette and end your day. They help set theeverything is easy to fi nd. Goodof pale or earthy colours to bring a tone when you wake up and shed stressstorage is key. Install a mix of drawersense of calm, says Marie and Hanna before you go to bed, if you get theunits and cabinets to maximise theMacDowall. Touch is essential to our ambiance right, say Marie and Hannafunctionality of your space, saywellbeing, so choose tactile furnishings MacDowall, mother and daughterMarie and Hanna.and appreciate how they feelthe home staging and declutter expertstexture of your sheets as you get into and founders of Style and Stage London. Natural light wakes up mind and body.bed, the weight of your duvet and Its great if your prep or dining spacefi rmness of your pillow. An extra luxury is close to a window. Pull up the blindsis a fl uff y rug on bare feet. Set the Try this simple activity fromand let the light in. mood for sleep with gentle lightingThe Mindful Kitchen (Quarto)Take your time and enjoy the moment.a lamp or dimmer switches are your by Heather Thomas.GatherA lovely bowl, your favourite coff eebedtime friend. Finally, a plant by your aromatic spices and herbssmellsmug, a proper place settingthesebed will oxygenate the air and help you that bring you pleasure. Does theare all ways to bring a feel good startbreathe easy as you rest.Comfort foodscent conjure up memories? Areto the day.they associated with a person, a place, or a time in your life? Think about the feelings of comfort these scents trigger.THE WELLBEING EDITION|VOLUME 14'