b'Hunt & gatherand youll see how much it adds up, then you can buy lessor buy smaller amounts so they dont go offnext time you shop, he says.What to buy is the next issue. While Tom advocates more plant-based meals, its not as simple as following the latest food trends. Beans are a great staple foodinexpensive, healthy and good for the planet as they fix nitrogen in the soil that other crops need, he says. But beef reared locally on rejuvenated farmland may be a better option than beans grown on deforested land in the Amazon. Shopping locally from trusted Highbury in Highland Green sources puts you in control of what youre putting on the tableits how Tom Hunt is an award-winning chefto explore flavours and ingredients andthe best restaurants source their food, who puts food sustainabilityandreally have fun in the kitchen. Tom says.flavourat the heart of his cooking. He talks to Moments about his January is a great time to kick-start aAny change can meet resistance so eating philosophy new way of thinking about food, fromtry to engage the whole house in your what you buy and where it comesnew way of eating. Planning menus Eat for pleasure, eat wholefoods andfrom, to how much you actually eat.and shopping together, cooking from eat the best food you canthats theFood waste is a big issue, and werescratch and eating together around root to fruit mantra of Tom Hunt,throwing away our own money as wellthe table will involve everyone, Tom the chef who founded Bristol eaterieas the planets resources when uneatensays. Family-style feasting, whether Poco, which has been awarded Bestfood is discarded, Tom says. His tipits flatmates sharing a meal, different Ethical Restaurant and Sustainablefor anyone wanting to take a moregenerations of the same family, or Restaurant of the Year. In other words,sustainable approach to eating is tojust two of you, will bring the feelgood choosing foods that benefit you andmake a note of how much goes straightfeeling back to food.the planet isnt about serving up joylessfrom the fridge and fruit bowl to theFind out moreplatefuls; instead, its an opportunitybin or compost heap. Keep a tallyabout Tom at tomsfeast.comTHE WELLBEING EDITION|VOLUME 14'