b'WORKING FROM HOMEMake your home office work harder1Task lighting As well as overhead lighting, add a desk lamp to illuminate your best ideas.2Open & shut case A mix of open shelving and closed storage will allow you to keep most-used objects in easy reach, with larger items hidden away in draws and filing cabinets.3Personal touch One of the joys of working from home is that its truly your space. Show your personality with photos, colour and accessories.Harpsden in Light Praline Harpsden in Rich Pralinefinishing Range: Harpsden Range: HarpsdenColour: Light Pralinefinishing Colour: Rich Praline Handle: Modern SquareHandle: Traditional WORK SMARTtouches Black Nickel Knob WORK SMARTPewter KnobDesk: Dark Pinetouches Desk: Dark Pine flexible approach Contrasting Wood calm and focused Contrasting WoodFit our home office furniture anywhereHandpainted finishes, elegant lines and in your home to create a study spacesophisticated colours come together to that works as hard as you do. make a chic and comfortable setting, so you can focus on the task in hand.THE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION|VOLUME 15 VOLUME 15 |THE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION 23'