b'FOODRECIPE By Tom HuntRoast broccoli withReduce the oven temperature to shredded chicken,1800C/3500F/gas mark 4. Cut the pine nuts and basil broccoli into large florets, then peel the stalk and cut it into chunks. Toss them in light olive oil and salt and A really satisfying lunch or easy dinner.pepper, then grate a little of the lemon Chicken thighs are relatively cheapzest over the top. Roast in the ovenwhen compared to breasts, so spendfor 2030 minutes, until charred in the savings on free-range or organicplaces and cooked right through. meat, whatever you can afford.Serves 2 After the chicken has been in the oven for 35 minutes, check it is cooked Ingredients by inserting a knife to the bone and wiggling it. If the juices are clear it is 2 chicken thighs cooked, though the bone itself may 400g broccolistill be a little red and thats fine.Light olive oilIf the juices run at all pink, cook forToms tips for Lemon zesta few more minutes before checkingsustainable eatingSprig of rosemaryagain. Remove from the oven and25g pine nutsrest for five minutes.1Shop locally Farmers markets,A grating of unwaxed lemon zest 12independent food shops andbasil leavesPlace the pine nuts in a small drycommunity supermarkets are50g parmesan frying pan over a medium heat. Toastgreat ways to shorten thefor three to five minutes; you wantfood chain.Method them to be golden brown with dark2Buy seasonally Local, seasonalpatches. Pour into a small bowl. Shredfood wont travel thousands ofPreheat the oven to 1900C/3750F/the chicken from the bone and tossair miles to reach your table, orgas mark 5. Place the chicken thighsin the baking tray with the warmtake precious resources to heatin a baking tray, season with salt andbroccoli. Serve on a platter scatteredhothouses to force growth.pepper, drizzle with the oil and tuck with the pine nuts and the lemon zest. the rosemary underneath. Roast Tear the basil leaves over and add3Ask questions Talk to shopfor 15 minutes.shards of parmesan, shaved with keepers or the stallholders ata vegetable peeler. the farmers market to find outwhere their food is from andThe Natural Cook by Tom Hunt (Quadrille, 20). how it is grown.Photography by Laura Edwards.VOLUME 14 |THE WELLBEING EDITION 23'