b'WELLBEINGThe great outdoors The power of petsGetting outside in nature is proven toA run around the parkwith life), theres also the immersionAnimals are a real happiness make us feel better and relax more That happy-looking crowd of peoplein wildlife. Swim outdoors and youllbooster, heres why.and the weekend is the perfect timejogging around your local park on abe up close and splashy with animals, to get our wellness fix Saturday morning are probably takingbirds and insects, and youll be able to A walk in the woodspart in Parkrunthe free, 5km timedwatch the seasons change each timeThey may hog the bed or wake us upForest bathing is a Japanese wellnessruns that now take place in more thanyou dip your toe in the water. early in the morning, but our furry friends ritual thats finding its feet here in2,000 locations worldwide. Its notA look at the sunriseare actually doing us a favour when it the West (Kate Middleton is said tojust the runners who benefit from theSwap your weekend lie-in for a dawncomes to health and happiness.be a fan). Proven to boost immunity,endorphin rush of exercising outside; 60start and youll reap some surprising decrease anxiety and increaseper cent of Parkrun volunteers, who helpbenefits. Researchers have found a linkStudies show that stroking and playing happiness, the aim is simply to get outto organize and marshall the events, saybetween early morning light and betterwith our pets can lower blood pressure, into the woods and immerse yourself taking part makes them feel happier. sleepand lower body weight! Plus,reduce stress hormones and boost or bathein their atmosphere. WalkA dive in the wateryoull gain the benefits of vitamin Dfeelgood hormones, so we feel happier. slowly, wander where your feet leadWild and open-water swimming isfrom the sun (be careful not to look atThey offer unconditional love and are great you, and savour the sounds, smells andseeing a surge in popularity as peoplethe sun directly or to stay exposed to theat distracting us when we feel blue. Pet sights of nature. experience the chlorine-free pleasuresrays for too long). Try getting up earlyowners are more active and social, too.of, literally, diving into nature. As welland watching the sunrise, the clouds inThe only down side? Experts say weas the physical benefits of swimming (athe sky and listening for the sound ofshould keep pets out of the bedroom to report from Swim England found thatbirdsong, and keep a journal of all youreduce sleep disturbances (lets pretendswimmers feel 12 years younger thansee and hear. Journalling is anotherwe didnt say that). non-swimmers and feel more satisfiedfeelgood way to start the day! Harpsden in Light PralineNothing compares to the joy of coming home to a loyal companion. The unconditional love of a pet can do more than keep you companyJESS BROWN NottinghamTHE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION|VOLUME 15 VOLUME 15 |THE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION 25'