b'WELLBEINGTake charge ofSSyour space E BOLESSONS FROM THE WARDROBArrange your wardrobe Once your clothes are organised, its time to put them back into your closets and drawers. Make sure the ones you wear Get rid of what you dont need most are easily accessible. I ask clients to sort unworn clothesDo a monthly check-up A quick sort-into three piles to be disposed oftoout will keep you on top of things and charity, friends and family, and thosemean youre not wearing the same to sell, says Gabriella Simioni. things all the time because you cant Separate summer and winter clothes fi nd any other options. And thats Pack the ones you dont need into ipfl ops canalways a mood booster!bags that can be stored away. Summer sandals and fl be put into suitcases.Sort outfi ts into type and colourPut all gym clothes, workwear, weekend clothes and evening wear into piles, then arrange them into colours. So your jeans could be sorted into black, blue and white denim.VOLUME 14 |THE WELLBEING EDITION 7'