b'up WELLBEING 4Power your day 4. Feel the beetWhen youre feeling sluggish and your digestion seems out of Give your body the2 sorts, give your liver some TLC by starting the day with a fresh juice. feelgood fuel it needs toBeetroot and carrots are liver-take you from wake up toloving vegetables and can support lights out, with nutritionistthis major organ to break down Jane Clarkes top five tips. fats and clear toxins (including alcohol!) from our blood. Whizz Nutritionist and cordonup a medium fresh beetroot, 1 bleu chef Jane Clarkemedium carrot, a handful of kale, has worked with David Beckham, Benedict1 apple and 1cm ginger and a little Cumberbatch and Jamie Oliver, and iswater in a blender and serve.founder of nourishbyjaneclarke.comLiverton in Limestone2. Have an apple a dayCooked apple is naturally sweet and tastes fantastic with Greek yoghurt for breakfast, plus its rich in fibre, which means the energy from the fruit is released slowly after eatingso no sugar crash that will have you reaching for biscuits by 11am! Apple also contains a substance called pectin which soothes and settles the gutgreat if youre feeling stressed about that 1 morning meeting. Simply peel, core and cube apples, then simmer in a little water, orange or apple juice until soft. 3. Eat some eggs1. Healthy kick-start Super-quick to prepare and containing5A shot of spicy, warming ginger isevery amino acid your body requires, just the thing to wake you up in theeggs are the perfect way to power-morning, especially if you dont likeup your day. And because theyre coffee or tea but want somethingprotein-rich, they help to balance to give you a kick! Its renownedblood sugar and keep your energy5. Doze off with warm milkfor settling the stomach and is alsostable until lunch. Prep ahead by packed with antioxidant and anti- making a frittata and cutting it intoMilk is rich in magnesium, a inflammatory properties. Just peelslices on a Sunday night and youllmineral that helps muscles and and grate a knob of fresh ginger intohave breakfast ready to go for the firstmind relax. A cup of warm milk a glass, pour over hot water, then add3 at bedtime will help you feel few days of the week.honey and lemon to taste. sleepy and ready to nod off. THE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION|VOLUME 15 VOLUME 15 |THE BETTER MORNINGS EDITION 9'