A first house renovation


First time buyers Rosi and Rob wanted to transform their room to really make use of the wasted space in the awkward alcoves in their bedroom. 

Jim Powell
Mark McDermott
George Ward

What was the space like before you had the transformation? How did it make you feel? 

We had an awkward fitting wardrobe that was really narrow as our alcoves weren't quite wide enough for a lot of standard wardrobes- it just didn't look ri2ght. It also felt like a lot of wasted space as the room has really high ceilings and we weren't really using that space. Overall it was frustrating as we had previously had floor-to-ceiling wardrobes and we were having to keep some clothes in a spare room and even some in the loft! 

What made you choose Hammonds? 

When we decided we want to get fitted wardrobes we started doing some online research about options. We saw an advert for Hammonds and really liked their modern take on traditional styles. A lot of companies had either been very modern or really ornate (and old-fashioned) The Hammond's rep was really good at explaining the options for our space, and not overwhelming us with too much detail. We were impressed there was no hard sell and the designs reflected how we wanted to use the space. It took us a while to pick the final colour and we did get sent a lot of samples, this was all during COVID so it was impressive we were able to make choices without visiting a showroom. 

How do you feel about the space now? 

We are so happy with the wardrobes and we get so many compliments when people come to visit. We are about 3/4 of the way through renovating the whole house but the wardrobes were one of the first things we did and it really started to bring the whole room together. We have since had new carpets and wooden shutters fitted as well as repainting the room, it is a really calm and relaxing space. We have tried to keep true to the Victorian heritage but in a subtle way which we have mixed with mid-century furniture (we think it works!) 

Three words to describe the space now. 

Organised, classic and calm 


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