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Amber was in desperate need of a bedroom makeover after buying her home from an auction. She chose Linje in Tuscan Oak to create her perfect sanctuary. 

Tuscan Oak
Jarek Gorewicz
Rob Latham
Thomas Marshall

What was the space like before you had the transformation? How did it make you feel? 

We purchased the house at auction so it was very run down and the upstairs had not been lived in for about 4 years, we had to completely start from scratch with wiring, plumbing and plastering as well as new ceiling and reinstalling the panelling. It was not an inviting space and we could not use the room functionally 

What made you choose Hammonds? 

I had requested the catalogue after seeing the pictures on instagram and instantly fell in love with the range, after meeting the planner and seeing the design in 3D my mind was set!  

How do you feel about the space now? 

It is most definitely our sanctuary, it incorporates everything we wanted, especially the tea and coffee station! 

Three words to describe the space now. 

Classic, crisp, calm. 

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