Bethany Tomlinson's Fresh Dressing Room


Gym girl, Bethany, was on the hunt for a clean, fresh space that would provide her with lots of smart storage. Hammonds was there to help!

Mike Redmond
Paul Bate

Why did you choose Hammonds?

"I chose Hammonds for their reputation of delivering high-quality fitted furniture solutions. Their attention to detail, craftsmanship, and extensive experience in the industry stood out to me. I appreciate their range of design options, customization possibilities, and the peace of mind that comes with their reliable installation services."


What was your room like before Hammonds installed fitted furniture?

"Before Hammonds installed fitted furniture, the room lacked efficient storage solutions and proper organization. It felt cluttered and disorganized, with items scattered around and no dedicated spaces for different belongings. The room's potential for optimal use and aesthetics wasn't at its full potential. Hammonds' fitted furniture transformed the space into a harmonious and purposeful environment by maximizing storage, enhancing functionality, and elevating the overall design."

How would you describe your interior style?

"My style can be described as minimalistic and sophisticated, with a preference for furniture that embodies simplicity, cleanliness, and elegance. I appreciate designs that are uncluttered and streamlined, focusing on essential elements while eliminating excess ornamentation. "

Why is organization important to you?

"Organization is essential to me because it contributes to a sense of tranquillity and efficiency in both living and working spaces. Proper organization not only improves the overall look of the space but also makes everyday activities smoother and more enjoyable. It allows me to focus on what truly matters without the stress of clutter and chaos."

What did you think of your design meeting?

"My design meeting was an insightful and productive experience. Mike displayed a deep understanding of my requirements and preferences, and his expertise in design was evident throughout the conversation. He actively listened to my ideas and incorporated them seamlessly into the design concepts. His suggestions were creative and practical, demonstrating his ability to balance aesthetics with functionality. Overall, the design meeting left me confident that Hammonds would deliver a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with my vision for the space."


What was your favourite part of the installation?


"The standout feature of my new furniture installation is undoubtedly the dressing table. It serves as a captivating focal point within the room, seamlessly integrating with the surrounding elements while adding a touch of luxury and functionality to my space. Additionally, the strategic placement of my dressing table frames my window, which offers a captivating view of the woods beyond."


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