Timeless Dressing Room Storage


Lily wanted to transform her empty box-size spare room. She used Hammonds to help her create a classy dressing room of her dreams.

James Stacey
Chris Smith

What was the space like before you had the transformation? How did it make you feel? 

The space felt very empty and was simply just a ‘box room’. Whenever people come to the house they always comment on the wardrobes and say how lovely they look, so they are by far our favourite purchase for the house. 

What made you choose Hammonds? 

We chose Hammonds as we had been to visit the show room in Sheffield and saw how good quality the wardrobes were. We wanted a style which we knew wouldn’t ever be outdated. We also liked the fact you could create your own wardrobe interior such as how many rails, shelves and draws you had inside creating the perfect amount of space.   

How do you feel about the space now? 

We love the space, it’s actually our favourite room of the house as it’s now created a mini walk in dressing room, which is solely used to get ready in. It’s light and airy and has made our small spare room look as open as possible.  

Three words to describe the space now. 

Classy, timeless and relaxing  

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