Fitted Wardrobes in Livingston

Livingstone is the largest town in West Lothian and home to over 56,000 inhabitants . It provides homeowners with numerous independent shops and restaurants such as The Livingston Inn and the Topiary Coffee Shop. Paired with the competitive housing and the rolling landscape of the Almond Valley, it's understandable why you'd want to spoil your home with our custom fitted bedroom furniture.

Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture

Like the town itself, we're proud of our history here at Hammonds. We've been providing our customers with expertise design advice for over 90 years now and we've developed a collection of bespoke fitted wardrobes. So, whether you're looking to upgrade your storage solutions or bring your bedroom aesthetic together, we can help.

To match the exemplary qualities of Livingston, why not spruce up your home with fitted bedroom furniture with Hammonds? Book a design visit with our experts today and we'll work closely with you to create a clutter-free, space-saving bedroom that emphasises style and comfort.

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Your bedroom should a peaceful sanctuary, but how can you hope to relax if you're surrounded by clutter? Create a restful place where you can retire at the end of a long day with one of our custom-fitted wardrobes. Not only is this a stylish addition to your bedroom but maximises every inch of your space.

Our built-in wardrobe options are made-to-measure, perfectly designed to fit your exact requirements. This is especially the case with awkward spaces, so you'll be glad to know there's no ceiling too sloped or corner too sharp for the fitted bedroom furniture you choose.

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