4 hallway storage solutions to get your autumn wear under control

4 hallway storage solutions to get your autumn wear under control

It’s that time of year again when we need to wrap up warm to enjoy the beautiful blustery outdoors, and the welcoming hallway can sometimes resemble more of an obstacle course than the entrance to one’s home.

The protective woolly scarfs and hats seem to accumulate near the doorway. Trails of umbrellas are scattered along the floor and the coat rack becomes a coat heap with bulky winter coats and jackets.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of helpful storage solutions that could help create a little order amongst the winter-wear madness.

1.Sliding Wardrobes

Using an alcove, the nook under the stairs or simply the space along the wall, a fitted hallway sliding wardrobe can create floor to ceiling storage you may never have thought possible in a hallway. Handing rails keep bulky coats and winter jackets hidden, top boxes can hide away scarfs, hats and gloves while the bottom can keep those boots storage safely. A mirrored sliding wardrobe, such as this Hammonds Furniture Seton range, can also create the feeling of more space.

2.Chests of Drawers

From built-in slim drawers to console cabinets, choose the style suitable for your home. If that’s traditional, a rustic style wooden drawer set will match the personality of your hallway, or go for modernly fitted drawers if your home is more contemporary. Wicker baskets are great for storing the knitwear essentials in these drawers and cabinets.  If you are looking for a chest of drawers why not take a look at our guide today.

3.Floating Shelves

As well as being practical to store a few items at a higher height without the bulky table or drawer set, a floating shelf can add a touch of decoration to a plain wall. 

4. An Ottoman Bench

Adding more of a cosy feel with some soft furnishings on top, an ottoman or bench can create not just a cosy seat to pull off boots but also provide hidden storage within. 

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